Taking Care Of A Dental Emergency After Injury During Sports

Taking Care Of A Dental Emergency After Injury During Sports : If you or your kids are into sports, you need to be aware of the common injuries, the causes, and how to take care of them. Keep in mind injuries are part and parcel of sports, so there is no way you can avoid it – you can only reduce the chances and keep all the contingencies handy in any emergency.

When it comes to injuries due to sports, it is not just the bruises and broken bones you need to worry about. Remember that oral and dental injuries are widespread in sports. Keep in mind every active child or sportsperson had a close call with oral or dental injuries at some point in their lives. Mouth injuries are extremely common, especially injuries involving teeth, jaws, lips, tongue, inner cheeks, and soft-hard palates. Neck injuries and tonsils are also commonly affected.

Keep in mind in such cases, and you need to contact urgent dental care Las Vegas NV. However, you need to be aware of the symptoms and the emergency first-aid in a sports-related dental injury. So, without further ado, here are some of the tips you need to be aware of.

Tips in case of dental injuries

As stated in the previous section, dental injuries are pretty standard, and the treatment is critically dependent on the type of fracture. A minor tooth injury is a damaged tooth or a fracture of primary teeth. However, if the affected tooth is a permanent one, then complications and procedures are required. Keep in mind in case of any severe or deeper fracture that causes damage to the enamel as well as the dentin, and you will need to do a quick internet search for expert “dentists for kids near me.” There are several ways to treat the injury, and you will need specialist care to take care of it.

In case of knocked out tooth

Remember that it can even lead to infection or abscess of the pulp tissue in severe tooth fracture. That is why it is vital to identify whether the fracture has exposed the soft tissues underneath the broken tooth. In case the tooth has been completely knocked out, you shouldn’t waste any time contacting your dental surgeon.

Additionally, you need to keep in mind that it is not always an artificial fixture; if your tooth is completely knocked out, it can be replanted if you can find it. Always handle the dislodged tooth by its crown and not the root to avoid additional damage. If you need to commute a considerable distance to visit your dental specialist, then make sure you place the dislodged tooth in milk or water when transporting.

A dental examination is vital

A dental examination is vital for everyone – even if you haven’t had a dental episode. However, do not miss out on dental appointments in case of minor injuries because every episode requires specialist care and check-up. Remember that even in minor injuries, multiple teeth and soft tissues can be affected, and detection is only possible through a complete dental examination. In extreme pain and swelling, make sure you place ice-cubes inside your mouth on the affected area. You can also apply cold packs over the cheeks to reduce the swelling on your way to the dentist.

Common dental injuries

Tooth and dental injuries are pretty standard due to sports, falls, and fights. Dental injuries are preventable, but often these are the result of accidents. Even biting down on hard objects like ice cubes, candies and pencils can cause damage to your dentures as well. Whatever the issue, from a chipped tooth to complete knock-out, you will need specialist care, equipment, and after-care to treat the problem right in case of dental injuries. If you are looking to avoid dental injuries altogether, you will need to use equipment or a mouth guard during sporting events.

Prevention tips

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, a mouth guard is crucial in active participation in sporting events. Keep in mind that some sports mandate the use of mouth guards, but it is a great practice to wear one if there is a risk to your dentures. It would be best if you remembered that instead of going through the painful experience, it is always better to protect your teeth with the unfancied mouth guard. Mouth guards come in different sizes, so always make sure to purchase one that fits your size. Additionally, it is imperative to use mouth guards in case of brace use.


Prevention of dental injuries is crucial. To know more about common injuries, prevention, and care, you should make an appointment with a dental care facility as soon as possible. And always make it a point to take care of your teeth to avoid complications down the line.





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Taking Care Of A Dental Emergency After Injury During Sports

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