The Best Male Masturbation Methods

The Best Male Masturbation Methods
The Best Male Masturbation Methods : Photo by Dainis Graveris on

The Best Male Masturbation Methods : Although male masturbation is still considered as a taboo topic in modern-day societies, it has proven to provide a myriad of health benefits for men. Apart from alleviating stress and improving sleep quality, self-stimulation is also believed to minimize the risk of prostate cancer.

Nevertheless, most men tend to become bored with the traditional masturbation methods after a certain period, hence looking for innovative ways to maximize sexual pleasure. Fortunately, male sex toys have become increasingly popular in recent times, providing men with a multitude of ways to improve masturbation. There are numerous male masturbator reviews online, assisting men in purchasing a sex toy of their preference.

Take a look at the best male masturbation methods to try whenever you experience monotony.

Take your time

One of the most common mistakes men tend to make when masturbating is rushing through the process. The act of self-stimulation isn’t supposed to be hurried unless you’re genuinely pressed for time and wish to enjoy a quick masturbating session before heading out.

Nevertheless, most males opt for rushed masturbation, without enjoying the sensation of the experience. This kind of habit is likely to cause a frequent problem, known as premature ejaculation, referring to the incredibly quick reaction to sexual stimulation.

Instead of experiencing premature ejaculation when engaging in sexual intercourse with your partner, make sure you take things slow while masturbating. Consequently, you’ll train your body to endure longer sex episodes and learn how it reacts to various kinds of stimulation. Keep in mind that a prolonged session would most likely result in an explosive orgasm due to the feeling of anticipation.

Try the stop-and-start method

The stop-and-start technique, also known as edging, has proven to be effective in improving ejaculatory control in men. As the name implies, you’re expected to pleasure yourself to a point close to reaching orgasm and stop masturbating altogether. After a couple of minutes, you’re supposed to get aroused even further but prevent ejaculation once again.

Additionally, the edging method is beneficial both during self-stimulation and intercourse, as it helps men achieve mind-blowing orgasms. In the course of coitus, this technique is useful for the moments when males pleasure their partners, helping them maintain their erection. Practicing the stop-and-start technique for longer periods of time will help you postpone the ejaculation process during intercourse, which is considered highly favorable by most men. Click here to check out the ways in which masturbation affects the brain.

Set the mood

Setting the mood is most commonly practiced by men prior to having sexual intercourse but it could be done before a masturbating session as well. Although most men consider self-indulgence as effeminate, there’s nothing wrong with pouring yourself a glass of whiskey or dimming the lights before the act of self-stimulation.

Moreover, for even greater enjoyment, you can light some candles or experience the benefits of aromatherapy. Make sure you choose the right time when you aren’t likely to be disturbed by anyone in order to create a relaxing atmosphere. You’re also encouraged to try masturbating in different positions, not just while lying down. For instance, some males find the standing or sitting position incredibly stimulating.

Don’t forget a lubricant

Most men make the mistake of practicing dry masturbation, instead of using a lubricant. Bear in mind that using no lubricant while masturbating might make your penis less sensitive to sexual stimulation over time. Also, dry masturbation frequently results in developing a rug burn, referring to an injury that involves scraping off the skin.

Although some men mistake body lotions for lubricants, such skin products aren’t the right substitute for lubing. The use of scented lotions for this purpose is likely to result in skin irritation, which is known to be terribly uncomfortable.

Therefore, make sure you purchase a water-based lubricant whose ingredients are considered to cause no irritation. Additionally, coconut oil can be also be used instead of a lubricant as long as it’s 100% pure. Make sure you visit the following link,, to learn more about the benefits of using coconut oil as natural lube.

Don’t focus solely on the penis

Penis stimulation isn’t the only masturbating method that allows men to achieve explosive orgasms. For instance, a multitude of males neglects their testicles in the act of self-stimulation, despite their ability to provide unforgettable sexual stimulation. Rubbing the testicles while touching the penis is a proven recipe for experiencing orgasmic bliss.

Another method of enjoying masturbation is playing with your frenulum, which is considered to be an amazingly sensitive fold of skin. By providing a gentle massage to this piece of skin, you’ll be able to experience an ecstatic orgasm. Anyhow, keep in mind that the frenulum massage is suitable for men with plenty of patience, not the ones who always rush through self-stimulation.

Use sex toys

Even though sex toys are usually related to female masturbation, men are also provided with a myriad of male sex toys to improve masturbation. Some models are designed for solo play only, while others can be used to spice up the sex life of users as well.

For instance, cock rings are believed to be one of the most popular male toys, worn around the base of the penis. The purpose of these rings is to restrict the flow of blood that goes to the organ, thus helping men maintain their erection for long periods, as well as achieve multiple orgasms. The vibrating models can be used during sexual intercourse to stimulate females, providing mind-blowing sexual pleasure.

Flashlights have made a boom in the male sex toy industry, as these devices simulate the appearance and sensation of the female reproductive organ. Most of the recent models in the market replicate the vaginas of popular porn stars, enabling men to simulate intercourse with their favorite porn actresses. These sex toys are suitable for males who wish to improve their dexterity in sexual intercourse, as well as their endurance.

Moreover, the Autoblow toys are the ideal alternative for men who crave for oral stimulation and real-life blowjobs. These devices are equipped with a variety of ten speeds and a stop button in order for users to have maximal control over the experience. Also, they come with a silicone mouth sleeve for the purpose of simulating oral sex.

Ultimately, male vibrators have increased in popularity due to their ability to stimulate the testicles and prostate. With the help of such vibrators, men are capable of locating their G-spot, hence enjoying maximal pleasure.


Experiment with various masturbation methods until you find one you enjoy.

Don’t rush anywhere!







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The Best Male Masturbation Methods