The Health Benefits of Travelling in Your Retirement

The Health Benefits of Travelling in Your Retirement : Once you hit retirement, you may be wondering what there is to check off your do list. If you are feeling adventurous, why not travel somewhere new? Getting to soak up new cultures and heritages can have huge benefits to your physical and mental health. Here are just some of those benefits explained.

Travel Makes You Healthier

A study conducted by the Global Commission found that those who travel are said to be healthier. The results show that women who holiday at least two times a year have a much lower risk of suffering a heart attack over those who travel every six years or more. As travelling to new places exposes you to a wide range of different environments you’re not used to, this can create stronger antibodies which can help boost your immune system.

Relieving Stress

Many of us lead busy lives with hardly any time for ourselves. Whether it be pressures at work or looking after our kids, finding that much needed me time can be a struggle. Travelling somewhere new cannot only broaden your horizons but it can also help relieve stress. The excitement of going to a place that’s unfamiliar can be the driving force behind why you want to travel. When visiting somewhere new, you can take part in activities that you wouldn’t normally do at home, making you feel happier and stress free.

Improving Your Brain Health

When travelling across the globe, you are bound to meet people from all walks of life. You will also be able to adapt well to new surroundings and situations. Being more culturally and globally aware can have huge benefits for your brain health. Keeping your mind sharp and active is incredibly important and will help bring out your creative side. Those who study or travel abroad tend to be more emotionally stable and open.

Giving You More Confidence

If you are a shy person by nature and want something to push you out of your comfort zone, travelling can do all that and more. From the moment you set out the door to getting on the plane, you will be engaging with new people which will help boost your confidence. While it may feel initially daunting at first, talking to new people will soon become second nature. You may also make friends in the process which can make your travelling experience more enjoyable.

Keeping You Fit

If you are looking for an adventure and like to explore, you may not even realise that all the walking you do when on your trip can have great benefits for your health. If you plan to go hiking to get to an attraction, the amount of exercise you do will help keep you active and fit. To get the best views possible, you may need to travel by foot so in order to reap the benefits, you need to put the hard work in.

Getting Started

Now you know many of the health benefits that are linked with travelling, the next step you need to take is booking your trip away. Ensure that your passport is up to date and make sure to purchase travel insurance. For example, if you have recently retired, you should have a look at the example of the kinds of cover you can get by checking out the over 70s travel insurance from Staysure. As an example, like most providers, you can find out more information on what type of travel insurance is right for you, as well as the benefits and security you will receive once you purchase the relevant insurance.

While it may feel initially daunting, doing something out of your comfort zone can be hugely beneficial and inject more confidence in yourself. With so many health benefits that come hand in hand with travelling, what are you waiting for?


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The Health Benefits of Travelling in Your Retirement

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