The Top 5 Trampoline Exercises for Weight Loss

The Top 5 Trampoline Exercises for Weight Loss : You’ve still got a few more pounds left to lose to meet your next weight loss goal. But, alas, the thought of more time on the treadmill or yet another sit-up has completely lost its appeal. What can you do so that you can keep your exercising momentum going?

Liven up your workout by incorporating trampoline exercises for weight loss! Many people haven’t jumped on a trampoline since they were young, but there are many benefits of trampoline exercises – including losing stubborn pounds!

Here are five trampoline exercises that you can start now to help you lose weight!

  1. Torpedo Jumps

    This is the perfect move if you’re a beginner in at-home exercises – all you have to do is jump up and down!

    Keep your legs shoulder-width apart, and your arms down at your sides. Then, jump straight up and point your toes while you’re in the air.

    This jump engages your whole body and improves your stability! It will also burn calories like a wildfire.

  2. Jumping Jacks

    Another great beginner move; if you can do a jumping jack, you can do this exercise! Start with your feet apart in the center of the trampoline, then kick the both to opposite edges. At the same time, extend your arms.

    When returning to your starting position, cross your arms in front of you for an extra challenge! This is one of many exercises to help with both weight loss and full-body strength and stamina.

  3. Core Twists

    Also known as surf twists, you accomplish this exercise by keeping your shoulders still and twisting your torso and lower body a quarter-turn as you jump. Twist your body in both directions, but return to your center position every other bounce.

    It’s easy to lose your balance performing this exercise! Keep your eyes locked onto something in front of you in order to stay balanced. Also remember that your feet should be shoulder-width apart the whole time.

  4. High Knees

    You’re probably familiar with this move from other exercise regimes. The process is the same: with you feet under your hips, quickly alternate bringing each knee up to your body. Move your arms to keep yourself balanced!

    The more you do this particular exercise, the more flexible you will become! This is also an awesome exercise for your cardiovascular system. It will definitely add a greater level of difficulty to your workout, and the high-intensity will crush calories fast!

  5. Scissors

    As always, start with your feet lined up under your shoulders. Next, bounce up and kick one leg forward and one leg back as if you were running. On your next jump, switch your legs.

    Be sure to land on bent knees so you don’t hurt yourself!

    Do this for two minutes to get the most out of this intense workout!

Start Using These Trampoline Exercises for Weight Loss Today

By taking part in these simple trampoline exercises for weight loss, you can meet your body image goals while having fun! Hop onto your trampoline today to get started!

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The Top 5 Trampoline Exercises for Weight Loss

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