The Waist Trainer – Beauty Lies In The Eyes Of The Beholder!

The Waist Trainer – Beauty Lies In The Eyes Of The Beholder! Hourglass frames are everyone’s preference. Having an hourglass frame oozes a lot of good personality features and often looks great in all kinds of clothes. The fashion industry has forever been obsessed with thin, and the majority of cut out is for the niche thinner market. But what about us?

I have been on the heavier side since my childhood, and the need to look perfect and approachable has always been hampered with the fact of me being on the bigger side. But with surprises like the ‘waist trainer, ‘the desire in us to look perfect can be true.

What is a waist trainer?

A waist trainer is one of the marvels for women in the shape of shaping merchandise that can be worn around the waist to give you an instant curvier and slimmer look. These can further motivate you for a healthy lifestyle and enhance your fitness standards by several notches. They can be worn under clothes or during your exercise regime as they can melt those extra inches by providing heat.

If combined with a daily exercise regime and a healthy diet, it can drastically help you in reducing those extra kilos and attaining that figure that you have always wanted.  But before I trail off the topic, let’s understand some basics like what to look for in a waist trainer, how to use them and benefits of correctly using a waist trainer.

Benefits of wearing a waist trainer:

  • Helps you achieve that hourglass figure by training your waist with constriction to reduce its size
  • It also enhances the stomach’s capacity to be flat rather than protruding as the waistline decreases
  • It allows you to control and keep your weight in check. The waist trainer restricts your hunger allowing you to reduce your portion sizes drastically, therefore reducing your weight.
  • It allows enhanced posture and helps in Posture correction. There are metal scales present, which reminds you to sit straight every time you slouch.
  • Reducing your weight due to weight trainers allows you to uplift your confidence making your beautiful personality blossom
  • It also gives relief from waist pain giving your waist a strong support
  • Gives out heat support which slowly melts your fat naturally by sweating giving you a beautiful glow
  • It provides strong support to the bust area by supporting it from beneath. Extended wearing also leads to firm up your stomach muscles increasing elasticity
  • It also helps in tightening of stomach muscles for nursing mothers who cannot exercise but still desire to lose the postpartum weight.

Just like every other clothes that we have that needs to be perfect to look great, even waist trainers need to be perfect to look and feel great. Or else suffocation, indigestion, and many awkward problems may arise.

Now that we know that we all have to know, there is a last and the most important thing to consider, and that is how to use it?

How to use it?

  • Always buy a waist trainer about 7 inches for a wider waist and 4 inches in case of a narrow waist.
  • In case it’s more than 38 inches, then using one 7 inches smaller is recommended
  • If you are aiming at improving your posture, then buying a trainer approximately 3 to 4 inches smaller help
  • A thin lace material between the waist trainer and your bare skin is recommended to keep the trainer warm, smell, and sweat-free, and clean.
  • The quality of the waist trainer is important as the garment quality determines its durability. Always buy a waist trainer that is neither too thick as it will be visible if tight clothes are worn nor too thin as it might rip opens quicker than expected.
  • For beginners, always go for a simple trainer as it will allow you to get used to it but progress to the better ones as they not only look great and feel great but also keeps you super comfortable for long hours.
  • Finding the ones that exuberates heat is a good option to go for as the heat will melt your tummy fats quickly
  • A proper waist trainer should not give you a hard time while breathing nor should have any pain
  • And lastly, always try your waist trainer before buying as there shouldn’t be any bulging


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The Waist Trainer – Beauty Lies In The Eyes Of The Beholder!

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