Things to Save Money

With the nation’s economy showing no signs of recovering any time soon, people are having to increasingly tighten their belts just to scrape by. This means finding bargains wherever possible. Even if it’s only a dollar, it adds up. Here are a few things you can save money on that you’ll probably buy anyway.

1. Glasses


Is it time for new glasses? If so, you probably dread the idea of paying full price from your eye doctor. Fortunately, there’s a way around this. If you already have a prescription, you can use it to order custom a pair online. The best part is that you pay under $50 in most cases.



2. Event Tickets

Event Tickets

If there’s a concert or game you want to attend, take some time to see if you can avoid paying the full price. Many ticket vendors heavily discount admission prices at the last minute to minimize the number of empty seats. Furthermore, when ordering online, you may be able to find coupon or discount codes that knock a percentage off of the final cost.


3. Airplane Tickets

Airplane  Tickets

If you have to pay for air travel with all of its inconveniences, you may as well save some money on it. Because prices rise as the departure date draws nearer, book your tickets as far ahead as you can manage. It’s also wise to buy in the morning, and be sure not to schedule early on Mondays or late on Thursdays. More people are traveling for business during these times, which drives up prices.


4. Software


Now that school is back in session, students may find themselves in need of software. It doesn’t usually come cheap, however, so scouting for deals is important for college students. Fortunately, many reputable websites provide numerous titles of full-version OEM software at very affordable prices.


5. Coffee


Before pulling into the drive-through for your morning cup of coffee, stop and consider how you could save money on it. Buying at Dunking Donuts vs Starbuck’s can save you more than $200 every year. However, you can take the path of more extreme savings and brew your own at home, which amounts to over $1,000 extra in your pocket each year.


6. Gift Cards

Gift Cards

Do you have gift cards lying around for stores you’re not interested in? You can turn them into quick cash by selling them online. This is also a great option when you want to buy gift cards for other people. You will normally pay lower prices for them directly from the owner than you would if you purchased them from a retailer.


7. Food


Choose your groceries wisely. You need food, but not all foods are needs. Focus more on buying real food with a high satisfaction value, and avoid buying soda, TV dinners, chips and other needlessly expensive products. Also, consider switching to discount or store brands, which are usually as good as their pricier counterparts.


8. Paper Products

Paper Products

At around one dollar per roll of paper towels and around seven dollars per average pack of toilet paper, these are surprisingly large expenses. Reduce paper towel waste by using a rag whenever possible and reusing any clean ones. For toilet paper, consider switching to one-ply. All you get from having more layers is less money.


9. Gas


You need your car, but gasoline costs a small fortune. However, some local gas stations may be cheaper than others, so check around. Even if it’s only a few cents less per gallon, you’ll really see the savings when filling up.

Everyday expenses can easily consume most of your budget, but with some scrutiny and creative thinking, you can make them more affordable. The next time you need to buy something, stop and think about how you can shave off a few dollars.



Things to Save Money