Things That Gave You Butterflies When You Were a Virgin

Things That Gave You Butterflies When You Were a Virgin : High school was an awkward time, no doubt about it. And we’re guessing if given the chance, you probably wouldn’t do it again. But even if thinking back on your teenage self makes you cringe, you can’t deny that those years were host to some of your most stomach-flipping, butterfly-inducing moments. Here are just a few things that have no place in our adult lives—but that seriously gave us the butterflies once upon a time thanks to all that sexual tension.

Things That Gave You Butterflies When You Were a Virgin

1. Making Out When Your Parents Were Right Downstairs

The thrill! The danger! The inconvenience of depending on your parents for a roof over your head! Yeah, you were a total rebel.

2. Dry Humping

Sure, you weren’t ready to go All The Way, but that didn’t mean you weren’t down for some frantic four-layers-of-clothing friction. So long as he didn’t get, uh, too excited.

3. Being Smooshed Together in a Crowded Car with Your Crush

Ah, the good old days when cars were a scarce resource and you had to pile way too many people in the back—and you consequently had to sit on your crush’s lap. Best part? The “necessary” but useless arm around your waist in lieu of a seatbelt.

4. Rushed, Flirtatious Conversations During Passing Period

And when he was waiting for you at your locker after class? Be still, your heart.

5. Being Randomly Partnered Up with Your Crush for a Class Project

Having fate on your side? Major turn-on.

6. Awkward but—Let’s Be Real—Filthy Grinding at School Dances

Also known as upright simulated sex on the dance floor.

7. A Leg Touch Under the Table During Group Hangouts

Nothing quite sent a thrill through you like that light, feeling-alone-in-a-crowded-room thigh graze.

8. Hearing from Your Friend That Your Crush Totally Thinks You’re Hot

Not gonna lie, there will never be a time when we don’t appreciate when the guys we’re lusting after think we’re smokin’. But it’s been way too long since our friends actually had this kind of insider knowledge. Never thought you’d miss all that he said, she said, right?

9. A Guy Going for Your Bra

Is he just running his hands down your back? Is he going for the clasp? Are you two really going to go there? Anticipation had never been so sweet.

10. And the Side-Boob Graze

Seriously, just go for the boob! (Or not. The side gave you shivers, too.)

11. Handholding for the First Time with Someone You Like

And the thumb stroke? Oh, baby.

12. Tying Up the Phone Line for Hours

You were supposed to be doing your homework, but instead, you were floating on air from all your witty repartee. And okay, a little bit of less-than-innocent innuendo.

13. Cuddling While Watching a Movie—and Sharing a Blanket

You were never able to think straight—let alone concentrate on the movie—when you and your guy were thisclose. Brain = mush.

14. Fooling Around in the Back Seat of a Car

Where else were you supposed to get hot and heavy? Back then, navigating the cramped space and finding a minimally sketch place to park was an exciting challenge, not an annoying inconvenience.

15. Neck Kissing.

Okay, so that still gets you going, but back then, it may as well have been your freakin’ clitoris.


Things That Gave You Butterflies When You Were a Virgin