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Men’s Guide to Dealing with PMS and Menopause

You will be relieved to know we are setting the bar really low on this one, guys. Basically, all you have to do is not make matters much, much worse. Do not say or do anything incredibly stupid or insensitive, and make sure you are around and available when she needs you, and you can get through this, I promise. […]

Things That Gave You Butterflies When You Were a Virgin

Things That Gave You Butterflies When You Were a Virgin : High school was an awkward time, no doubt about it. And we’re guessing if given the chance, you probably wouldn’t do it again. But even if thinking back on your teenage self makes you cringe, you can’t deny that those years were host to some of your most stomach-flipping, […]

Are Those Razor Bumps…Or an STD?

Three questions that can save you a trip to the gyno The skin of your vagina is the most delicate of your entire anatomy. No wonder it’s such a target for issues and infections, from zit breakouts to razor rash to more serious things, such as STDs like herpes and genital warts.

The Female Orgasm: How it Works

Want it, need it, have to have it — but what precisely is happening when you’re climaxing? Here, the science behind the female orgasm It’s the only thing that feels better than diving into a cool lake on a sweltering day, biting into a juicy cheeseburger when you’re starving, or even getting your wallet back after losing it on vacation […]

Does Your Vagina Become Tighter If You Have Less Sex?

There’s gotta be some silver lining to a dry spell, right? In life, there are a couple universal truths that stand the test of time: Peanut butter tastes better with jelly. A bike ride on a brisk fall day is always a good idea. And, yes, dry spells happen to the best of us. But about that last one: Even […]

How Normal Is It for Sex to Hurt?

How Normal Is It for Sex to Hurt? Sex may be pretty much synonymous with pleasure, but that doesn’t mean that the experience is always pain-free. If getting it on makes you feel things in an “ouch” kind of way, you’re not alone. According to a new study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, a whopping 30 percent of women reported […]

Sex Facts You Need in Your Life

This is not your high school sex ed class. Even if you consider yourself a total sexpert, there is always something new to learn about sex. From all the crazy ways it can improve your health to the downright weird things that happen during the act, read on for everythingyou could possibly want to know about getting busy. Plus, we […]

Ways to Increase His Stamina in Bed

Nothing can kill your sex buzz like being all caught up in the moment with a totally revved engine when the guy orgasms, putting the kibosh on one of the most fun ways to get your heartrate up. It’s an unfortunate fact of nature that women usually take a leisurely path to orgasm while guys often opt for the shortest […]

What Guys Really Think About Your Pubic Hair

A new study surveyed men on down-there ‘dos. We seriously doubt any guy would retreat if he came to find you had the “wrong” downstairs hairstyle, but a new study from the Journal of Sexual Medicine shows that most men prefer hair-free lady parts. For the study, researchers asked 1,110 college-aged men and women how they maintained their pubic hair, […]

Ways to Get the Rough Sex You Want

Do you wish your partner would grab you by the hair and have their way with you? You probably do, because being dominated in bed is, according to research, one of the most popular fantasies for women (and men). But maybe you’re worried it’s anti-feminist to want to be submissive in bed. Well, you can stop feeling bad about it […]

Truth About Your Sexual Peak

Everyone’s heard about this “sexual peak” notion, right? Like that guys are at their sexual best around 18, and women hit their stride around 30—or something like that. Well, according to a new survey by sex toy company Lovehoney, women actually report having the “best sex” of their lives around age 26, while for men, it’s age 32—so pretty much the […]