Things You Should Know About Athletic Performance Socks

Things You Should Know About Athletic Performance Socks : If you thought that all socks are made equal, it’s time to rethink. Performance socks are created differently from regular socks. If you are wondering why so, just pause for a minute to reflect on your running experience.

If you developed hot posts or blisters during a jog or a run, well, it could be your socks causing it and not those running shoes. Often the reason behind leg fatigue or Achilles pain isn’t always restricted to over training or inappropriate running. Rather your socks could be the real culprit. To avoid such issues you can try athletic compression socks.

To support your heavy-duty endurance, athletic socks from Lasso Gear are structured with a special architectural design. They provide an ergonomic cushioning to your feet so that you can take up any sporty activity without worrying about straining your feet. Let’s look at why you should opt for these instead of your normal pair when playing your favorite sport or jogging at the park.

How are performance socks better than your regular ones?

You can buy sports gear socks that can be perfect and comfortable for any kind of sport. As the length of an athletic pair of socks is visibly different. You might come across two distinct varieties of these. One can be paired with shin guards are the knee-length socks. These can double up over the guards and are great for winters as they can keep the legs warm.

During summer months, if you are headed for a jog, the low cut or quarter crew socks work well. Other than the length of the socks, which makes an athletic pair discrete is its material.

They can keep your feet healthy as they are shaped like your foot, unlike regular ones. Some brands shape the right and left-foot sock differently to ensure a structural fit. When it comes to any kind of sports activity, a perfect fit cannot be compromised.

Remember that an ill-fitted pair can cause friction against your skin leading to blisters. Always ensure a sock size that clings to your feet like a second skin and is not loose. This will allow the extra cushioning to be optimally used.

Mostly designed with a synthetic blend, they typically use one or more natural fibers in combination with artificial fibers. Also known as compression socks, these were created to make your performance agile and today it is used to treat several medical conditions including diabetes, varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, leg swelling, lymphedema, and many other physiological problems.

It is the moisture-wicking ability of the fabric that’s upgraded to provide extra support to your feet that makes them unique and different. It’s is best to choose your pair depending on the activity. To read on how they help in recovering sports injuries, click here.

How do they work?

How do Athletic Performance Socks work
How do Athletic Performance Socks work

Known to treat a multitude of medical conditions by simply increasing the blood flow to the heart, these are not only worn by athletes but also recommended by medical practitioners.

So, what’s the theory behind it? Playing a sport generates a lot of pressure on the feet which can be damaging to the legs and feet in many ways. To minimize this, such medical socks work by minimizing the tissue vibrations so that even when you exercise, your legs don’t get deprived of oxygen.

Although the correlation between sports performance and these exclusive socks is yet to be proven empirically, some evidence has been surfacing on the fact that they successfully stimulate recovery effects.

This means that you can prevent injuring your muscles by pulling up these sporty socks. Made of firm elastic, these knee-high socks are tube-like and provide a gentle compression through the ankle to the knee.

Things to consider when buying athletic compression socks

Planning to head out for a jog or run? Read more on why running socks are as important as your running shoes at

If you decided your mind of purchasing a pair of these sporty socks for yourself, make sure to look for a variety that offers advanced compression. Those with a firmness that decreases near the top of the socks allow for enhanced blood flow making it comfortable to wear for a longer period.

To sum it up, they enable breath-ability and protection with its improved cushioning technology. This can make it compatible with your running or sports shoes enhancing your overall comfort and performance.






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Things You Should Know About Athletic Performance Socks

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