Things You Should Know About Curly Wig, U Part Wig, Wet And Wavy Wig

Things You Should Know About Curly Wig, U Part Wig, Wet And Wavy Wig : In this blog post, you’ll get to know about 3 types of wigs and their specifications.

Curly wig:

If you have straight hair but are fond of curly hair then go for a readymade option of a curly wig. A curly wig has tight curls that look pleasant and fulfill your desired curly look without heat. Curly wigs add carefree energy to your look and you enjoy the moments by going with the flow just like curls.

A curly wig is always in trend so if you’re intending to buy a curly wig but not making a decision on where to buy then we’ve got a solution for you and that’s Luvmehair. Luvmehair has an enormous collection of virgin human hair curly wigs in different colors and types. Go and explore the Luvmehair site and find a cool curly wig that can boost your aura.

The curly wig is a great way to vaunt any occasion but if the curls are frizzy, brittle, or tangled then it may down your look. For this purpose, you need to pay heed to the care of your curly wig so it stays longer and you can make the best use of your investment. So here we gonna talk about restoring the shine and strands of the curly wig by following simple steps. Let’s dive into it.

How to restore the curls?

  • To reform the curl pattern you have to choose the right products made for a curly hairpiece.
  • First, you need to detangle the knots of your curly wig. You can do this by using a wide tooth comb or by using fingers to gently detangle the knots.
  • A wide tooth comb is recommended for a curly wig because it prevents breakage and works gently so curls didn’t get frizzy.
  • Now wash your curly wig with a shampoo and conditioner that lacks harsh ingredients for curls. Use the conditioner that can help to detangle the curls.
  • For washing, the curly wig uses lukewarm water and add shampoo to it and soak the wig. Now gently rub the tangles to open them and leave in soapy after a few minutes. Then rinse off with water.
  • If your wig has lots of tangles and frizz then you can use a leave-in conditioner as it works better and can retain moisture in curls.
  • Now apply some detangling spray to the curly wig from roots and ends and gently comb the curls. For this purpose, you can find curls spray that can control static and frizz in a curly wig and make it refreshing.
  • To restore the moisture in a curly wig, use a detangling conditioner or some serum that has excessive moisture for curls to keep them in a pattern. This special product will improve the texture of curls and keep them hydrated by improving luster and also acts as heat protection.
  • Use this method to keep the curly wig alive and revive the shine of curls. Store the wig properly so it didn’t get tangles and you can use it as long as you want.

U part wig human hair:

U part wig is an outstanding wig for beginners. U part wig has an empty U-shaped area at the top of the wig. The U-shaped can be at the sides as well. The purpose of this U-shaped area is that you can show your natural hair from this empty area. The wig has a U-shaped cap with protective clips under it.

The opening of the U-part lets your scalp breathe. U part wig allows you to blend your natural hair with a wig from the U part area and thus it blends naturally that it seems you’re not wearing a wig. Human hair U part wig allows flexibility in styling so you can opt for your desired hairstyle. Because of its prime features, it is making its place in the fashion industry.

If you’re also looking for this tremendous wig then come to Luvmehair. Here you can find the best U-part wigs that are made from virgin human hair. Luvmehair has a center, middle and side U part wig at an affordable price. They are available in different styles and types. Go get yours and deceive the people with your new flawless look.

Installation of U part wig:

  • As the human hair U part wig has an empty area on the sides or in the center that allows you to show your natural hair from the area and mix it with the wig for a more realistic appearance.
  • Place the U part wig over your head to measure the area from where you want to show your natural hair for a seamless look.
  • Using a rat tail comb, part your hair into sections for a U-shaped area. Also, mark a part from hairline to ear. Clip these hairs so they can be styled after wearing a wig.
  • Now secure the remaining hair by making braids or making them flat so the human hair U part wig can be worn properly.
  • Hold the wig from both sides and place it over the head. Now secure it with clips to cover your natural hair. The wig will lay flat by securing your natural hair and looks seamless.
  • For more protection, you can use an adjustable strap of a human hair U-part wig to secure it with clips to get the best fit so the wig can’t slide.
  • Now release your hair from the center or side U part and blend it with the U part wig for a more realistic appearance. Now you can create your desired hair look.

Wet and wavy wig:

A wet and wavy wig is a type of curly wig that has 2 moods, starlight or wavy. According to your mood, you can straighten it by using a flat iron or if you’re out for a gathering then turn on the carefree mood and turn the wet and wavy wig by just spraying water on starlight hair. This magical wig is grabbing the attention and setting a benchmark.

This wig saves your money as it can be switched into straight hair or curly hair so you don’t need to buy the wigs separately. If you’re also looking for this modish wig then knock at Luvmehair.

Here you’ll find the best variety of wet and wavy wigs made with human hair at an affordable price. But keep in mind curly or wet and wavy wigs require more attention than other conventional wigs because the curl pattern must have stayed in its position so you can use it for a longer time.

If you don’t pay heed to its proper maintenance and care then your wet and wavy wig can lose its shine and curls can get tangles and frizz. To avoid this problem you need to store the wet and wavy wig properly after use so you can use the wig again and again. So make your investment worthy and let’s know the best methods to store the wet and wavy wig to avoid any inconvenience.

Storage options for wet and wavy wig:

Firstly, make sure your wig is clean and dry.

  • A wig head or wig stand is the handiest option to store the wig. It keeps the wig in its shape and saves the curls from losing pattern and shine. Use the wig whenever you want and then store it at the wig head to avoid any tangles and frizz in curls. This is the best option to go for.
  • Another option for storing wet and wavy wigs is silk or a satin bag. The benefit of this bag is that it helps to retain moisture and prevents it from dirt, tangles, and direct sunlight. But make sure that the wet and wavy wig stays in its position and didn’t lose the curls.
  • A shoe box is another cost-effective method to store wet and wavy wig. This sturdy option is so handy and travel-friendly as well that it requires no effort to store the wig. Just place a few tissues in the box so the wet and wavy wig can repel static from cardboard and curls remain refreshing. Don’t forget to store the box in a cool and dry place to avoid any moisture.
  • You can also use an airtight container to store the wet and wavy wig but make sure the wig is dry and can be easily placed in the container without folding. It will retain the shape of a wet and wavy wig and don’t let you worried about correcting its pattern when you’ll use it.
  • Last but not the least, the greatest way to store the wet and wavy wig is its original packing. Wigs stored in Original packing are travel-friendly and cost-effective methods. Also, it’s the safest method to retain a wet and wavy wig in its shape and you can stay carefree as your wig is stored properly.

Follow these methods to store the wet and wavy wig properly so you can make the best use of your investment.



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Things You Should Know About Curly Wig, U Part Wig, Wet And Wavy Wig

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