Things Young People Shouldn’t Try

We used to read a lot of books and magazines that deal with life and problems of young people. Most authors give us helpful recommendations and tell about the things that every young person should do, but we rarely focus on those things that are not worth trying. It is typical of young people to make mistakes and often we do something only because we want to follow the trend. Unfortunately, nowadays we are greatly influenced by television and other kinds of media. So, when it comes to our personal choice and lifestyle we simply forget to listen to our heart and blindly accept all the demands of modern society. The main thing you should keep in mind is to do what you really like in this life no matter what others say to you. I recommend you to consider the following things that you don’t need to do when you are young.

1. Get a Boyfriend

If you are 18 and you haven’t got a boyfriend yet, don’t be upset. You are not in that age when you can blame yourself for being single. Even if you fail to build successful relationships with guys, that doesn’t mean you are a bad person. Just you need more time to find your destiny. As a rule, young people are not ready for serious and mature relationships. There are so many girls who use every possible opportunity to find a guy. I even pity them because they don’t realize that their careless communication with guys can lead to bad experience. Don’t worry that you are alone. You can spend a wonderful time with your friends and those who are really precious for you.

2. Settle

At this period of your life you have to make decisions and choices concerning your future. Certainly, it’s not an easy thing to do and everything seems to be so unclear. The fact is that most young people don’t know what they want and what they like. It happens so that your expectations can be different from reality. This is the time when you finish school and enter the university. You shouldn’t be afraid to make mistakes and try something new. There is no success without failures. Don’t waste your time, learn as much as possible and do things which make you better.

3. The “Wild” Years

It is strongly believed that the period of your life when you are young must be full of craziness and wildness. It’s absolutely wrong opinion. I know some people who were light-minded in their youth and did plenty of things that they regret now. For instance, they got drunk at discos or birthday parties of their friends and they smoked as much as adults usually do. Young people should understand that they have endless opportunities to have fun and entertain themselves. Doing wild things is not the only way to enjoy your time. If you don’t feel like drinking alcohol or going to night clubs, certainly you shouldn’t do that. When you grow older, you’ll be proud of yourself that you haven’t made a mistake.

4. Rites of Passage

I remember when I turned 18 years old, all my friends constantly reminded me of some things that I had to do by all means. According to their words those special things were necessary to confirm my maturity, the so-called signs of an adult life. Frankly speaking, I didn’t like what they suggested to me. And I tried to stick to my own opinion. Without a doubt you can do those rites of passage, but don’t force yourself if you think they are bad.

5. Do Something Great

You don’t have any reason to be disappointed if you are 21 and you haven’t achieved great results yet. Maybe you hear from everywhere about success of prominent young people and due to this you feel much pressure on you to do your best. Your efforts to succeed in something may turn out to be meaningless. The thought that someone else can do better than you will always make you feel like standing behind and your self-esteem will be lowered. That’s why you’d better concentrate on your own goal and go to it patiently, paying no attention to others.

6. Lots of Conquests

Having more than one partner in your life is no longer seen as a problem or shame. Today you are free to choose from hundreds of handsome and attractive men and get more experience. Young girls generally think the more relationships they try the more chances to find true love they have. I should admit it isn’t so. Relying on my personal experience I can say that numerous promiscuous relationships will lead you to undesirable frustrations. Finally you will bore your friends with stories about those who hurt you. Remember that sleeping around will not help you to meet the best man in your life.

7. Give in

What can be more valuable than your young years? You are able to do the most amazing things. You are a clever, energetic and courageous person. Nothing can prevent you from achieving your goals. Do things that you are fond of and communicate with people you love. If you want to live a happy life you have to follow your dreams and interests.

Definitely, you should appreciate every moment of your life, especially when you are young. During these fantastic years you can enjoy your freedom and do things that make you happy. You shouldn’t let others influence your opinion and decisions because this is your own life and you live it only once. Has anyone tried to persuade you in doing things that you don’t like? Do you usually listen to others? What do you think of all the things mentioned above? Share your thoughts with us, please.



Things Young People Shouldn’t Try