Tips for Fighting Depression Naturally

Depression is real, and sometimes it can be difficult to cope with. Even if you face occasional depression, you can still fight it without taking any medications. Check out a few best ways to fight depression naturally that will help you deal with depression and find the yellow brick road to a happy and fulfilling life. Remember, you have more power over depression than you may think!

Tips for Fighting Depression Naturally

1. Eat healthy

A healthy diet is one of the key factors for fighting depression! If you tend to eat lots of processed foods or sweets, the carbs and sugar break down in your blood flow, deplete your energy, and promote depression. Since foods which are high in folic acid and omega-3 fatty acids can help fight depression, add some avocado, spinach, and tuna to your diet!

2. Get enough sleep

Sleep deprivation is one of the major problems faced by many people these days. Getting enough sleep is probably the easiest way to fight depression. Try to sleep for two hours extra a night, and make sure you get restful sleep. Turn off the TV, your laptop and phone, and make sure your room is quiet and dark. Turn on a fan in your room, it will help drown out noises from the street or neighbors.

3. Try something new

Sometimes depression sets in when we get stuck in a rut. So it’s vital to spice things up as often as possible! Read a new book or try a new class. Take your sweetheart out and try to do something you have never done together! Do things that make you feel great, since it’s difficult to be depressed when you’re having fun!

4. Get plenty of exercise

If you make it a habit to work out at least 2-3 days per week, it will be easier to fight depression! Don’t feel like you have to start lifting weights or running marathons, even a 10-minute walk can make a big difference!

5. Set goals for yourself

Sometimes depression can make you feel worthless, weak and unable to accomplish anything. Set some simple goals for yourself, such as making your bed every day. When you accomplish this simple goal, you can add more challenging goals.

6. Help others

One of the best ways to fight depression naturally is to focus on someone else! Offer to listen to your friend who needs to vent or do a kind deed for someone in need. Even sending flowers to a stranger in the hospital may help get your mind off of all your problems for a while!

7. Try natural supplements

There are some natural supplements you may try out, if you do not want to take medications. Rhodiola Rosea, Camu Camu, Maca, and St. John’s Wort are herbs that have been known to fight depression naturally. Be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin taking any supplement.

8. Opt for acupuncture

One of the natural remedies that is effective in fighting depression, acupuncture has been known to help many people overcome their depression and move on in life. Moreover, acupuncture helps your body produce more feel good hormones.

Have you ever suffered from depression? How did you fight it? Please comment below and thanks for reading!


Tips for Fighting Depression Naturally