Tips On Using Sex Toys And Not Getting Traumatized

Tips On Using Sex Toys And Not Getting Traumatized : Do you know this feeling when you start using a new gadget, and it turns out to facilitate your life so much that you think ‘How could I live without it before?’

A sex toy can brighten your intimate life to such an extent that you can also have this thought.

Nowadays, the choice of toys for adults is much wider than you can imagine. Men or women, those in relationships or those who are single, virgins or those who are more experienced in sex, can find a product that will satisfy their needs. There is a huge variety of sex toys for men and women which are easily available online depending on what you are looking for.

While having an orgasm, one’s safety is not the first thing that comes to mind. Often enough, people get traumatized by not taking the precautions of a safe play with adult toys.

In this article, you will find the information about how not to end an orgasm with the call to an ambulance if you use a sex toy:

Remember About The Lube

One of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to sex toys is not using lube. Not only do people receive less pleasure without it, but also their genitals can get traumatized.

The trauma can be either very painful and visible from the very beginning or microscopic, but still dangerous. It can also irritate the delicate skin of your intimate parts.

If you are having sex with a partner and use condoms, remember to avoid oil-based lubricants. Any oil product dissolves the latex, and a condom may break. The best ones are water-based lubes.

Wash The Toys Before And After

When we were little, our parents taught us to wash our hands before the meal. But has anyone ever taught us that we should wash our toys before sex?

When buying a toy, you should read the instruction on how to clean it properly. It usually depends on the material and the presence of the motor. Most toys are waterproof and cleaning-friendly, so don’t be afraid that you might break it.

Usually, it is enough to wash it with soap and warm water for a couple of minutes. However, some items require more cleaning. You can also buy special toy soaps and make sure they are washed properly.

No one wants to have infections in their genitals, right? If not cleaned properly, different kinds of bacteria and even fungi start growing on the toy. Then while playing, people spread them to their intimate parts.

Don’t Share Sex Toys

There are things that cannot be shared with anyone else. For instance, you won’t lend your toothbrush to your brother. Or you won’t use someone else’s ball deodorant. We all understand that these items are too personal, and sharing them might be dangerous to one’s health.

When it comes to adult toys, you also cannot lend them to anyone else. Yes, you and your partner can use the same toy, because you already share fluids through intercourse. But you cannot borrow it from your friend or a flatmate even if you have very close relationships.

The fact that you drink with someone from the same cup or share clothes doesn’t mean that you can share intimate products with this person. Remember that through the sex toys of somebody else, you can catch STDs or fungi. Let your safety be the priority.

For Anal Play Use Only The Toys Designed For It

For Anal Play Use Only The Toys Designed For It
For Anal Play Use Only The Toys Designed For It

There are many toys designed to play with your anal. They have different sizes and shapes. However, many women commit the same mistake all over again. They use the same vibrator for their butts and vaginas during one play.

First of all, the vibrators designed for vaginas might traumatise an anus. Second, the probability of catching an infection from the bacteria inhibiting in one’s bum is too high in this case.

Also, many people use toys that don’t have a stopper for an anal play. As a result, an item can ‘get lost’ inside. Then, the journey to A&E is inevitable.

Store Them In A Safe Place

Such an intimate item as a sex toy should have its own place in your room. Usually, people hide it, so no one can accidentally find the adult toy. Indeed, you probably wouldn’t like your kid to come to you with the words ‘Look, what I’ve found…’

But while looking for a secret place, people forget that the spot should also be safe. It should be cold, dark, and as less humid as possible. If you store the toy next to the heater, for instance, it’s material may dissolve and deform.

The toys that have a battery might have corrosion if you store them in a humid place or don’t dry properly after cleaning. It might cause severe problems to your health. Therefore, make sure all your adult toys are not exposed to humidity.


Adult toys can indeed improve your sexual life. But it’s highly important to remember the above mentioned rules in order to play safe. Don’t neglect your safety to make your sex not only pleasant but also harmless. Have fun!






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