Tips to Improve Your Jiu Jitsu Game

Tips to Improve Your Jiu Jitsu Game
Tips to Improve Your Jiu Jitsu Game

Tips to Improve Your Jiu Jitsu Game : The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or BJJ focuses on controlling your opponents by gaining a dominant position in a spar. It practices a lot of techniques like chokeholds and submission through joint locks. BJJ is based on the concept that a weaker person can defend himself or herself against a more prominent opponent by using weight distribution and using several submissions holds to make them surrender.

Improvement in the game may not be easy for others, though. It is not enough for them to show up in class and do what’s asked of them. Sometimes, game plans need to be followed, especially if you want to take part in an official Jiu-Jitsu tournament. Taking Jiu Jitsu classes that have produced a lot of professionals may prevent you from hitting a performance plateau. A plateau is a point in your training where your progress levels out, and it is more difficult to have significant gains in endurance, strength, and performance.

How to Beat the Plateau

Do Regular Drills

Drills should be done regularly, and this is the same with eating fruits and vegetables. You know well that the exercises and warm-ups are suitable for your performance, but the question is, do you do it as instructed? When you are doing regular drills on a particular technique, you are not just going through the motions. It is important to be actively involved with what you are doing. Some of the things that you can do are:

  • Focus on the details of the techniques while doing the drills. Try to hit them better on the subsequent few repetitions that you will be making.
  • Set up a fixed number of reps that you are aiming to hit on a given drill to master the techniques more efficiently.

When you are focusing more on the techniques and setting goals, you can become sharper at a technique that you are currently studying. The right hits will become more ingrained into your muscle memory, and you can prevent hitting up the dreaded plateau while in training.

Be an Active Training Partner

If you are making a guard pass with a training partner, do not be a passive participant. It helps if you are more active and find some details that your partner may be missing. Do not just lay on the mat and think about the time you have had some chocolate cakes. Do better each time you are sparring. Come up with ways that you can possibly counter the pass if you are doing a live roll. Stay present and be active all the time. Do not let your guard down!

Develop your Cardiovascular System

You may find yourself unable to do some rounds of rolling back and forth. If you are finding yourself rolling halfway and your heart is about to explode, you may want to strengthen your cardiovascular reflexes first. Read more tips in strengthening your heart here.

Many BJJ gyms include warm-ups and cardio exercises. However, these cardio warm-ups may often be too short to allow a lot of improvements. You can supplement the cardio exercises by rowing, jumping ropes, swimming, running, and cycling.

Strength Training

In BJJ, you may often hear that they get better at techniques that triumph over high strength. In certain instances, this can be correct. However, if you encounter two grapplers on the same level as you, the extra strength will help you a lot. You can fight two opponents if you have the strength, and you will usually prevail.

BJJ is a game that involves physics, levers, frames, and a slight deception. Within the positions and frames, you need to look for openings between yourself and your opponents. This is where the strength can be advantageous as you can easily tackle them when their guard is down. You can go to a gym and focus on squats, bench presses, and deadlifts, where you can reap the benefits even if you are not on a BJJ mat.

Make Every Training Count

About the Drills

Many would want to toss around some kitschy or catchy phrases that exemplify their training philosophies. One of these phrases is drillers make killers, and this could easily fit your bill! If you feel like you are hitting a plateau, then follow this adage and improve your game.

The drills can be classified into two categories like the partner and solo drills. The solos are excellent in improving your own skills and strengths. However, you will need a partner that will give you the gold standard during drills.

If possible, find a partner that trains in the same gym as you so you can meet up afterward to do the drills. Have a dedicated partner that motivates you and allows you to practice the correct motions. Do the drills for the more fundamental movements like Granby rolls, work guard passing, bridges, shrimps, sit-outs, and technical stand-ups.

With a partner, you will have an increased chance of improvement when you are often doing transitions from knees to belly, securing a back hook, and retention techniques. They can also provide valuable feedback when needed. Learn more about the Jiu Jitsu considered as one of the martial arts in this link:

Positional Sparring

One of the best ways for beginners and even experienced students to improve their game is through positional sparring. Some find this simple as they try to look for a position where they try to submit to their sparring partners, and the other person tries to escape. When one of the players has achieved their goals, you two can do this all over again.

You can punch plateaus with positional sparring because you are free from fear of making a mistake. Live rolls might make some players reluctant to throw armbars because the position can be reversed. Practicing a mounted attack will give you the necessary repetitions to do the current techniques that you are working on.






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Tips to Improve Your Jiu Jitsu Game

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