Ways Anxiety Impacts Your Life

Ways Anxiety Impacts Your Life : Anxiety is a common health concern and studies show roughly 31% of Americans will experience some type of anxiety in their lifetime. As with any other long-term medical concern management is key and taking the steps to care for yourself (alongside any professional assistance) is an important step in improving your overall wellbeing.

UnwindingAnxiety.com helps you by giving you the tools and support you need to help control your anxiety and its related symptoms. Anxiety can harm your life in subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

Ways Anxiety Negatively Impacts Your Life

The symptoms of anxiety cause you to be under a great deal of stress often for extended periods. This has a notable impact on your overall health and wellbeing and impacts your life in many areas.

  • Overall Quality of Life:

    With anxiety your overall quality of life can be greatly reduced due to the increased fear and stress it causes. In addition to impacting normal day-to-day concerns, anxiety can make you unwilling to take risks or chances which can cause you to miss out on opportunities in both your career and personal relationships.

  • Personal Relationships:

    Another area impacted by anxiety is your personal and family relationships. Anxiety can cause you to become withdrawn making engaging with others, even those you care about, difficult. Anxiety can also make you irritable which can further alienate others you want to be close to and spend time with.

  • Lowered Immune System:

    Your body’s immune system is negatively impacted by anxiety over a long period of time. Your body needs to be rested and relaxed to heal properly from illness and injuries. The consistent heightened stress levels anxiety slows down the healing process. In addition, anxiety can disrupt sleep patterns leading to further health issues and negatively impact recovery.

  • Digestive Issues:

    Anxiety one of the most common ailments people report are those related to the digestive system. These include chronic diarrhea, upset stomach, general nausea, a lack of appetite, and in some cases ulcers (due to a reduced immune system), and even weight loss.

  • Blood Pressure and Heart Health:

    The physical symptoms of anxiety can harm your body’s cardiovascular system. This can lead to high blood pressure, an increase in your heart rate, stiffen your blood vessels, can reduce your ability to recover from a heart attack, and lead to other cardiovascular ailments.

  • Increased Odds of Substance Abuse:

    Finally, anxiety can lead to an increase in the use of substances as a coping mechanism. Scientific study has shown the odds of abuse of drugs and alcohol increases when a person has anxiety. The root cause is believed to be the desire to reduce the negative symptoms anxiety causes.


If you’re living with anxiety there is help and professional care that assist you in taking more control of your life. Self-care can help you understand your anxiety and how your body responds to it which in turn allows you to more effectively combat it. With time, you can learn techniques that help you live a better life.






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Ways Anxiety Impacts Your Life

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