Tips to Make a Doctor’s Appointment during Covid

Tips to Make a Doctor’s Appointment during Covid : The pandemic has hit the world hard and affected the lives of many. And it becomes important to take all necessary precautions.

It is necessary to take care of your loved ones by staying at home, wearing disposable gloves and masks, sanitizing hands, and maintaining social distance when outdoors –all these can help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

But some events like a doctor appointment cannot be avoided and can be stressful for some people who can hesitate to visit the doctor in this situation or delay it in the worst case. But, will that be helpful? Here are some tips that you can follow during your next doctor’s appointment amidst the pandemic.

Call the Hospital/Clinic and Know What Precautions They Have Been Taking for the Safety of Their Visitors

All the hospitals are currently taking extreme care for the safety of their visitors. So, before visiting a hospital, know about their safety precautions via a call or by visiting their website. Here are some precautionary measures that every hospital is taking:

  • Ensure that all the medical staff is wearing a proper mask and PPE kit.
  • Make it compulsory for all the visitors to wear a mask and carry a sanitizer with them.
  • Temperature check before entering the hospital premises
  • Allowing only a few visitors at a time
  • No crowd gathering and maintaining social distance
  • Allowing doctor consultations only in an emergency and making use of virtual appointments

Virtual Appointments

A virtual appointment can be made easily just by visiting the website and filling out the appointment form under the ‘book my appointment’ section. You will not have to go out; just stay home, call your doctor, talk to him/her for medication, or in cases of allergy, rashes, and other visible problems, you can book a virtual appointment, where the doctor can address your issues in a safe environment and consult you accordingly.

Wear a Mask and Carry a Sanitizer

Though all the healthcare centres have installed sanitizers on every floor of their building, make sure to carry your own sanitizer and mask. Wash your hands with hand wash for at least 2 minutes or sanitize them after touching any surface area. Ensure that you step out of your house wearing a 3-layer mask. In case you are unwell, use tissue paper to cover while you sneeze or cough. Throw away the tissue paper after every use. Make sure to go out only when it’s required.

Be Ready with All Your Queries

To avoid multiple visits, be prepared with all your questions. Even if you have fixed up a virtual doctor appointment, to save your time, note down all the points and medications during your conversation with the doctor so that you don’t miss out on any important information.

Maintain Social Distance

All the clinics and hospitals have made it important to follow social distancing and have installed stickers of social distancing on floors and walls so that people read and follow them, but still a few people don’t follow it. So, avoid going to crowded places.

Refill Your Medication

If you are on prescribed medication, ask your doctor if they can give you a stock of medicines that can last for a month to avoid frequent visits. And ask them if their pharmacy has home delivery available for regular patients.

Stay Informed

Stay updated about all the changes in protocols to follow when visiting a doctor for a medical emergency. This will save you time and you can receive your medication or treatment without any delay or problem.

Use an Online Payment Method

Avoid any contact that can transmit the virus. Make use of online payment/transactions that is acceptable almost everywhere now. Even if you are using your card, make sure you sanitize your hands after the payment.

Take a Hot Shower Once You’re Back Home

Once you are back home, wash all your clothes and take a hot shower. Sanitize all the things to avoid any virus on clothes that you wore or things you carried.

Well, taking precautions and staying safe is what you can do right now and contribute your bit to saving the world. Visiting a hospital or a clinic is safe only when you follow all the precautionary steps mentioned by WHO and the medical authorities. The three most important tips to remember for now are to wear a mask, sanitize your hands frequently, and maintain social distance.

It’s natural to be concerned about the health of your loved ones and safety. So, don’t panic in any situation and follow all the guidelines carefully because it’s safe to visit a hospital/clinic for a medical appointment. Stay aware and updated on how you can protect yourself and your family with the best information available. Follow the above tips to make a doctor appointment during COVID and stay safe.





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Tips to Make a Doctor’s Appointment during Covid

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