Unknown Benefits of Fish Oil for Your Wellness

Unknown Benefits of Fish Oil for Your Wellness
Unknown Benefits of Fish Oil for Your Wellness

Unknown Benefits of Fish Oil for Your Wellness : For the past few decades, fish oil supplements have been advertised and pushed into our faces. However, do any of us know the benefits of these fatty oils? Initially, our ancestors used fish oil to help treat a wide array of illnesses involving aches, pains, or other ailments.

However, now, those uses have changed. A reviews from expert researchers suggests that fish oil is primarily advertised as a heart-healthy supplement. Let’s see if those accusations are true or false by learning about the best fish oils.

What is Fish Oil?

Fish oil is fat that has been condensed into fatty fish oil. It’s high in three different fatty acids, including omega-3 fatty acids, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

These acids are commonly found in salmon, sardines, and herring. Fish oil is available in topical, supplement, and can be found as an additive to many products. While other foods do contain these acids, fish oil is the most efficient source for humans.

The Benefits of Fish Oil

What is fish oil good for? Recently they have been advertised for helping strengthen your heart and reduce chances of heart attacks. While it can help prevent a heart attack, it doesn’t lower your risks if you’ve already had one. Additionally, you’ll be pleased to know that it has more than just the following benefits.

  1. Supports Heart Health

    By consuming fish oil, one can expect to see these fish oil benefits for heart health. Some of these include;

    • Lowered Cholesterol Levels: it increases the level of healthy HDL cholesterol, which can help reduce certain symptoms. However, it can’t lower high levels of LDL cholesterol, which many people believe.
    • Lowered Triglycerides: studies have shown that by taking fish oil supplements every day, it can lead to lower triglycerides of up to 30%.
    • Reduced Blood Pressure: people with high blood pressure find that it lowers their elevated levels and helps bring to a healthy level.
    • Prevents Plaque Buildup: plaque found in arteries is lowered when taking a fish oil supplement.
    • Reduce Fatal Arrhythmias: reduces the risk of fatal arrhythmia.
  2. Helps Bone Health

    Fish oils may also be able to benefit your bones when paired with calcium. One study tested how omega-3 fatty acids help bone health when paired with calcium. The increased intake of these fatty acids helped aid the body in absorbing more calcium than it usually would. It, in turn, helped make the bones sturdier and healthier.

  3. Helps Ease Symptoms of Your Menstrual Cycle

    Multiple studies have shown that taking fish oil supplements for up to four months it will start to help ease symptoms of your menstrual cycle. Women found that their cramps were less painful and that they didn’t feel so bloated.

  4. May Help Ease Symptoms of Mental Illnesses

    The brain needs a healthy supply of fatty acids to function correctly. If you’re lacking these in your diet and suffer from a mental health illness, you may need to eat fatty acids. In one study in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, scientists found that a few servings of fish oil had helped symptoms of depression.

    Others who suffered from bipolar or mood disorders also found that their symptoms lessened. On top of that, multiple trials in schizophrenia found that omega-3 fatty acids have a benefit on symptoms. Overall, fatty acids are essential for your brain health.

  5. Helps Prevent Skin Issues

    Some studies suggest that it can help improve skin conditions. Conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, and others that cause redness or discoloration in the skin. However, the science behind it helping other skin conditions such as wrinkles isn’t true. A small dose of fish oil every day can help with minor problems, but not cure others.

  6. Helps Regulate Inflammation

    Lastly, omega-3 fatty acids have been found to help regulate inflammation. Chronic inflammation is connected to several different conditions. Some include obesity, major depressive disorder, and diabetes. By reducing overall inflammation, it helps reduce a few symptoms of these illnesses. Fish oil comprises anti-inflammatory properties, which can help prevent inflammation in the first place.


Fish oil has many benefits besides helping improve heart health. And while it may be healthy to have fatty acids, remember they aren’t the cure. They can help aid in healing your body and several symptoms, but they can’t magically make something go away.

It is true for many supplements. Although we do recommend keeping them in your diet as they are healthy for your brain and your body. Hopefully, you’ve learned about the benefits of fish oil on the body. What is your opinion on fish oil? Let us know in the comments!


Author :

Scott Pine studied computer science in Chicago before changing his career entirely. Since he took on running marathons, his diet changed completely, and so did his mindset. He started blogging and researching various ways to improve health.





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Unknown Benefits of Fish Oil for Your Wellness

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