Wanting to date a stoner? Here are the things you need to know

Wanting to date a stoner? Here are the things you need to know : With the significant chunk of adults smoking marijuana today, a few of your dates will likely end up being a non-smoker. There are plenty of misconceptions about stoner dating, lots of which insinuate dating a stoner may not be so appealing. However, there’s a thin line of difference between tolerating one’s hobbies and indulging in them. Whether they are the dealers or marijuana enthusiasts, stoners can be some of the most exciting people you will ever encounter.

What is Stoner Dating?

If the combo of love and getting high is your forte, stoner dating apps are the best place for you. Depending upon your priorities of your partner being a pothead and chill, stoner dating apps can find the perfect balance, allowing marijuana enthusiasts an opportunity to meet, engage, and potentially hook up.

Perks of dating a Stoner

Strong moral compass

As per a recent survey, pot smokers and stoners have a strong moral compass, which means stoners are less likely to cheat on their partners. Smoking weed lets one’s guard down so, you’re likely to communicate, encouraging a strong bond.

Life: Chilled Out

Dating a girl who smokes weed
Dating a girl who smokes weed

Dating a girl who smokes weed can make the everyday mundane activities, enjoyable. Weed is considered to lower anxiety levels. You’ll find your partner not stressing about the past or future and living in the present. No one wants to pick a fight when you’re in a good mood, right?

Stellar Personalities

Stoner girls are creative and open-minded with a laid-back attitude. Not giving a shit about people is their motto and they are the most friendly and approachable people. Stoners are easily less high maintenance, and it only takes a good bowl to make them happy.

Some BRUTAL truths

The Side-effects

Dating a girl who smokes weed probably becomes unmanageable at a specific rate. Potheads frequently contend that marijuana is more beneficial than liquor and nicotine since it’s natural and probably non-addictive. That doesn’t mean they won’t endure the side-effects, which incorporate a lower sperm count, a higher aging rate, and sadness from emotional withdrawal.

Weed conversations

Pot stories can get old after a brief. Pot stories are like drunken night outs. They’re fascinating from the outset; however, they get old if they’re your focus amusement. If your partner doesn’t have a clue how to have some good times or even be interesting without weed, you deserve better.

How to date a Stoner when you’re not into smoking

Respect your boundaries

While dating a girl who smokes weed, respecting boundaries is the primary concern. You have to disclose that you have limits with regards to smoking weed—and you’ll have to implement those limits. Your boundaries determine your comfort. If you’re sensitive to weed, it’s alright to let them know not to bring that stuff anywhere close to you. It is additionally alright to state that you’re cool with him/her smoking, however, not offering it to you. Limits possibly work if you implement them. Try saying your limits, and if your partner doesn’t, he/she denies to respect you.

Do not judge

The fundamental of dating a girl who smokes weed is learning not to pass judgments. Stoners, most importantly, hate the double standards and hypocrisy that comes from people who drink heavily then judge them for being “drug users.” Stoners need to manage judgment and disgrace throughout the day. They hear it from doctors, politicians, and obviously, all-out hypocrites who demand to give them some appropriately harsh criticism. It’s destructive to understand how you loosen up is “wrong.” It is also terrible to guide them to stop smoking. You wouldn’t need your partner to attempt to transform you, so for what reason would you try to push your life choices on your partner? Honestly, if you can’t prevent yourself from judging and goading your partner to stop smoking, you most likely shouldn’t attempt to date a stoner. It won’t work and will hurt everybody included.

Enjoy the Perks

Every stoner will have a different response to weed. Some get horny after a session, while others will have their charisma drop at the first puff.

Figuring out how weed and sex mingle perfectly with each other happens quite early. Do not hesitate to enjoy the perks, or think of an approach to address the issues. Moreover, it’s something you should manage if you need to be perfect for as long as possible.

Experts say that sex is better on weed—and that implies you’ll be in for plenty of pleasant occasions on the bed.





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Wanting to date a stoner? Here are the things you need to know

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