Top 7 Benefits to Keeping Fit and Healthy

Top 7 Benefits to Keeping Fit and Healthy

Top 7 Benefits to Keeping Fit and Healthy : It is often said that a physically fit body translates to a fit mind and soul. Once your body is in good shape, it also convinces your mind and this reduces a lot of mental stress as well as issues such as anxiety, depression, low self esteem. It can also make a person age less and resolves insomnia issues.

The word “exercise” has one definition according to the dictionary but it is usually done in order to physically keep the body in tip top shape. However, this is also defined by the individual. Most people’s idea of exercise involves weight loss and as such they usually combine exercises with diets. On the other hand, most people believe that exercises are to be done to build up some body muscles.

Do what makes you happy as long as you are not endangering your life by over exerting yourself. Whatever the best version of you is, maintain that. There are numerous benefits of doing exercises and keeping fit. Below are some of the reasons why it is recommended:

  • Increased Productivity Level

    Whenever you have a big task coming up which you’re sure will be mentally or physically stressful, you can always exercise the stress away. Exercise helps the body and mind by enhancing cognition (this is the process of acquiring, understanding and retaining knowledge using various thought processes). It makes the hippocampus (this is the critical part of the brain which controls learning and memory functions) work more efficiently which in turn increases blood flow to the brain and allows for proper thought assessment.

  • Earning Passive Income While Staying Fit

    A lot of people don’t know this but you can make a whole lot of money off exercising. You can stay fit and get paid to workout. This is the push you need if you have been procrastinating about starting and maintaining an exercise routine. Start your journey and attain body fitness and money at the same time.

    When it comes to exercises, people set fitness targets for themselves and some even draw out plans that are to help them achieve these set targets. Sadly, only a few people actually go through to achieve their goals. The tendency for people to stop their exercise routine after hours, days, weeks, or months is really high. There are mobile applications available now that pay people just to exercise.

    These mobile applications help to earn a passive income while driving yourself to attaining a physically fit body. If you’re already following a routine, you can take up exercise challenges and also earn without overexerting or stressing yourself. You can earn money without unnecessarily working out more than you’re used to, using different ways.

  • Longer Life

    Consistently doing exercises helps to keep the body fit and strong. It promotes growth and strengthening of body parts such as the heart, muscles, bones, immune system as well as the respiratory system. The proper functioning of all these body parts help keep a person living longer due to reduced medical conditions. A good exercise routine promotes sufficient water consumption which is required for all cell growth.

  • Improved Mental Health

    The more exercises carried out by a person, the more your brain receives blood from the body which aids it in carrying out all its activities. There is growth of all neural cells and this further enhances the brain’s ability to handle a lot of tasks. You will notice a general sense of calm after a good exercise routine. As the brain continues to function properly, it can help to reduce the chances of having depression, anxiety, and stress.

  • More Energy to the Body

    It is noticed that after a good exercise routine, you get tired and need to rest. However, the solution to fighting constant fatigue is doing more exercise. This may sound funny but the more you exercise your body, the more it increases your stamina level and strengthens your heart. This causes an increase in endorphin hormonal levels which energises the body.

  • Faster Metabolism

    A very fast way to burn off excess calories is by exercising. This can be done either when you’re moving or not. It is a fact that you burn off calories in your sleep just by the body still carrying out respiratory activities. With regular exercise routines, especially those involving weights, you can take your lean body mass to its highest permissible level and increase the rate at which your body’s metabolism is carried out.

  • Better Stress Handling

    A workout session also helps to increase adrenaline levels in the body. This is the hormone which makes people more alert and energetic. You’ll be tuned to your environment and adrenaline increase simultaneously causes an increase in (and stimulation of) endorphins which will make you feel good and is used for general mood improvement.






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Top 7 Benefits to Keeping Fit and Healthy

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