Wayward Women: 9 Ways Being Sober Will Transform Your Life and Make It Better

Wayward Women: 9 Ways Being Sober Will Transform Your Life and Make It Better
Wayward Women: 9 Ways Being Sober Will Transform Your Life and Make It Better

Wayward Women: 9 Ways Being Sober Will Transform Your Life and Make It Better : 19.5 million women over the age of 18 have abused illegal drugs during the last year alone. Another 5.3 million suffer from alcohol use disorder.

This is also worrying as women slip into addiction more quickly than men. So if you currently find yourself there, you’re in good company. There are lots of reasons why women become addicts.

But it’s no way to live. And each year, around 26,000 women die from alcohol-related issues. So it’s something you need to change, and quickly.

Aside from saving your life, being sober has other amazing benefits. If you’re in the throes of it, these can be difficult to see. That’s why we’ve put together the nine ways that being sober will improve your life.

Read on to hear more about them and kickstart your journey today!

1. You Have More Energy

Going sober will give you a new lease on life.

This is because alcohol and drug abuse inhibit your brain function. They mess with your dopamine levels. While dopamine usually makes you feel happy, they often have the opposite effect.

Or coming off a high will bring you crashing down into a depressed state. This leaves you feeling lethargic and incapable of doing anything.

Living a sober life also means living a life free from hangovers, dizziness, and nausea. So you can kiss goodbye to all the rotten side effects of addiction.

You’ll also have time to think about boosting your energy through diet and exercise.

2. You Feel in Control

Whenever you drink alcohol or do drugs, you lose control of your life. This is because they inhibit your decision-making skills.

So if you are doing them excessively on a regular basis, you won’t feel in control. This is especially true if you are struggling with addiction.

Breaking this cycle will help you regain this control. You’ll feel like the choices you make are entirely your own. This is because they finally will be!

You’ll also find it easier to regulate your emotional responses. And you’ll be able to understand the world around you better. Both of these things are important to decision making.

Once you’ve discovered how to get sober, you’ll be able to calmly consider decisions once more. This gives you a focus that you can only have when you’re sober.

3. Your Relationships Benefit from You Being Sober

Being able to regulate your emotions is also vital for maintaining your relationships. This is why addiction often damages your closest relationships.

But they can also be pivotal in how you get sober from alcohol and drug addiction. You can use the desire to regain these relationships to drive you through recovery.

And doing this will hugely help all of your relationships. It will teach you how to be a better woman.

This is especially true if you have children. Addiction has extremely damaging effects on children who come into contact with it. This because they don’t see what a healthy relationship looks like.

This affects their trust, judgments, and other relationships. It can make them desperate for the approval of others. It can also cause depression and anxiety.

So getting sober benefits everyone involved in these relationships.

There are great live-in programs to support women and children during addiction recovery. You can learn more here.

4. You Look Healthier

It’s easy to tell when someone is struggling with addiction just by looking at them. The longer this goes on, the more obvious it becomes.

Long-term drug addiction will damage your skin, hair, and teeth. It often leaves you with a bloated face and a skeletal body. The individual effects depend on which drug you use.

Alcohol isn’t much better. It destroys the skin’s vitamin A. This antioxidant handles your skin’s cell renewal. This means your skin will start to sag and even discolor.

Alcohol also won’t do your waistline any favors. There are 100+ calories in your average beer, wine, or even shot! So if you’re knocking them back, these quickly add up.

Removing these damaging elements from your lifestyle will be utterly transformative. As your body repairs itself, it will rejuvenate and the change will amaze you.

5. Your Health Improves

Your body doesn’t just look healthier. It is healthier.

Alcohol and drug abuse seriously impact your health. That’s why prolonged addiction can lead to dangerous medical conditions and even death.

It can damage the pathways in your brain. It also damages your heart, liver, and pancreas. And prolonged addiction increases your chances of getting several types of cancer.

So escaping addiction can protect your body against these things. The longer it has to recover, the better. So the sooner you kick the habit the sooner your health can heal.

6. You Have More Money

Addiction isn’t a cheap habit to maintain.

Whether its alcohol or drugs, your bank account will suffer. In fact, people spend thousands of dollars every year funding their addiction.

And this doesn’t take into account the number of days you have to skip off work because you’re high or hungover. If you lose your job, you’ll be even worse off.

So getting clean can save you a huge financial hit. You’ll feel more in control and aware of your spending. You’ll also be able to spend your money on things that are genuinely fulfilling.

7. You Start to Value Yourself More

Addiction is selfish. But this doesn’t mean it increases your self-value.

In fact, addiction is a way of abusing yourself. That is why it enables destructive behaviors.

As you begin to come out of addiction, you will begin to feel an amazing sense of self-worth. It is like a rebirth. Suddenly you are aware of all the possibilities available to you.

This isn’t always an easy journey. It’s hard working through the pain that addiction caused in your life. But once you come out the other side, you’ll have new self-love that wasn’t there before.

8. You Can Get More Done

Addiction saps you of your energy and motivation. This means that even the simplest of tasks can feel like hard work.

But as you get a wave on energy once you’re out of it, you suddenly realize how much you want to achieve. And because of the huge change in energy levels, how much you can achieve will amaze you.

You also won’t be going through life on a come-down or with a hangover. This means your senses won’t feel assaulted in day-to-day life.

This is great for improving your focus and helping you get tasks done.

9. You Can Be Present to Enjoy Your Life

When you’re drunk or high, you don’t interact with the world in the same way.

In fact, it’s sometimes hard to even figure out what is going on around you. So it’s easy for life to pass you by.

Being sober makes you feel present in whatever you’re doing. And you can actually enjoy it.

When you’re intoxicated, your emotions can’t come out properly. Sometimes they surge out, but most of the time, they are just numb. This means you can’t properly feel the joy and happiness of your life.

Drugs and alcohol also inhibit your memory. So getting sober won’t just help you to enjoy your life in the moment. It’ll also help you to remember the moment in the years to come!


Moving from addiction to being sober isn’t always an easy transition. But making it improves your quality of life in every direction.

If you’re struggling, keep these things in mind and stay strong! Or if you’re worried that your habits are becoming more serious addictions, find out more here.






Wayward Women: 9 Ways Being Sober Will Transform Your Life and Make It Better

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Wayward Women: 9 Ways Being Sober Will Transform Your Life and Make It Better

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