What Athletes Should Know About Menstrual Cups

Menstrual Cup for Girl Power

What Athletes Should Know About Menstrual Cups
What Athletes Should Know About Menstrual Cups

What Athletes Should Know About Menstrual Cups : Menstruation is a cycle of a woman’s body which cannot be avoided since it is like a built-in system in a woman’s body for reproductive purposes. Periods start at around 8 to as late as 16 years of age and ends at as late as the 40s. This just means to say that women, will be dealing with menstruation for almost a half of her life.

Now, menstruation can bring discomfort due to menstruation’s symptoms that come with it during Aunt Flow’s visit. As an athlete, surely there are instances that menstruation has brought you inconvenience, right? Especially if you are a physically active girl boss.

So, today, we will be discussing about how menstrual cup such as the daisy menstrual cup, helps physically active girls or athletes to go through their days while on their period even if they run or jump around for a whole day.

Why Menstrual Cups are Getting Popular

The creation of menstrual cups is dated back from the 1930s, but unlike tampons that already had gained its recognition, the menstrual cup only had its spotlight recently. So, why is it that menstrual cups are getting popular these days?

Well, for one, why would you go through lengths of buying a box of tampons or pads that can be quite costly every month whereas you can just use a pleasant and comfortable piece of menstrual cup that can be used for up to 10 years maximum lifespan?

Also, for athletes like you, your time is definitely precious, which is why using tampons or pads during your period cycle actually eats up your time that is supposed to be for training or resting since you need to change every four to eight hours. Meaning to say, you will be in and out of the comfort room for a whole day for a few days whereas you can use the menstrual cup for up to 12 hours.

What is a Menstrual Cup and How Does it Work?

Now, if you are still new to this and you probably have never heard of a menstrual cup, then here’s some information on its features and look.

Menstrual cups are flexible cups that are made medical grade silicone or latex rubber which resembles a diaphragm. You only need to fold the cup and insert it inside your vagina just like how you put a tampon inside. After putting it inside, it will unfold and seal itself to be able to catch and collect your blood discharge.

Menstrual cups shouldn’t be felt and bring discomfort, because if it does, then that would mean there was something wrong in the way you placed the cup or that you got the wrong size of the cup for you.

The cup is sold in different sizes, and it can be challenging to know, but there are methods that you can use to help you determine your size such as the knuckle method wherein you need to insert your finger and measure it with your knuckle to know how high your cervix sits.

Great for Workout

Now, this is what an athlete would really look forward too, right? Depending on your flow, tampons, and pads can be quite quickly loaded, especially if you are exercising or is physically active. Menstruation can disrupt your time during training and might make you less productive since the changing of menstrual hygiene products took time.

However, for menstrual cups, this serves as a great way to save time and resources, since it does not only help in lessening one’s time in changing the menstrual products, it can also help with the sustainability in one’s environment because you will not need to throw plastic tampons or pads every four to eight hours.

May Be Safer Than Tampons

Have you ever heard of the condition TSS or Toxic Shock Syndrome? TSS is a severe condition wherein the immense growth of the bacteria caused it. Now, this condition has been significantly linked with tampons, due to its material which is a synthetic fiber.

Now, using menstrual cups has drastically reduced the risk of women for TSS because there wouldn’t be any contact on the said material and the menstrual cup will only catch and collect the blood discharge for the day. TSS is still possible with menstrual cups, although with reduced risk, but you should always follow the proper instructions in using one.


Menstruation is a part of a woman’s life, and it is one of the things that cannot be avoided nor changed. This is why having a reliable menstrual hygiene product is a must so that it will at least help ease the burden that menstruation has brought along.






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What Athletes Should Know About Menstrual Cups

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