What Can You Get from Friends with Benefits

Friends with benefits have increased in the recent past because it has turned out to be one of the perfect relationship ideas other than being in a commitment-based relationship. Popular among the youths in their 20s, friendship plus, otherwise known as friends with benefits are increasingly becoming a trend in most societies. However, this kind of relationship also occurs in other age groups especially those who are married and not willing to engage in another committed relationship.

One of the reasons for the increased cases of friends with benefits is the fact that many committed relationships are failing and in return, most individuals shift their attention to their friends. A different kind of relationship that lacks commitment now prevails. This relationship is based on mutual agreement provided the individuals involved are on the same page, which means no emotions and strings attached. The main benefit of the relationship is the sexual encounters between the individual.

Nonetheless, it is important to understand the reasons why one ought to prioritize a friendship plus form of the relationship instead of a commitment-based relationship. Therefore, for those interested in such a relationship, the following are the core benefits and considerations linked to friends with benefits.

  1. Mutual gratification

    Mutual gratification is considered the basis of most human relationships. Mutual gratification means that both parties are bound to benefit from the new relationship. The needs of either party involved in the non-commitment relationship benefits from the sexual pleasures contributed by the other. It is satisfying and fulfills the desires of each one of the individuals involved since it is based on mutual agreement.

  2. More freedom

    Unlike the romantic relationship characterized by love and commitments, friends with benefits enjoy more freedom. There is freedom to experiment and make mistakes, which are important before settling on a more serious relationship. Besides, freedom prevents making mistakes such as dating the wrong persons. If the relationship no longer suits you, it becomes easier to move on since there are no strings attached. One is not committed either are emotions involved in such a relationship. Therefore, it becomes an alternative option to make mistakes, learn and experience before making critical decisions in the future.

  3. Friends are likely to get along much better

    Friends with benefits, as the name suggests, development of the new non-commitment relationship after long periods of being friends. Each of the individuals understands the strengths and weaknesses of the other. Friends know each other well, hence engage in sexual activities with individuals they know very well and people they already like. Once again, your friend knows your flaws and it has taken quite much for the two of you to get along hence the perfect person to involve in your life.

  4. Sexual pleasure from the person you like

    A long term crush on your friend can proceed into a mutual friend with benefits relationship. Note this is a person you have liked for quite long and due to certain reasons, both of you cannot proceed into a serious relationship. Why not become friends with benefits if you are both on the same page? Both can benefit from sexual pleasure from the other and that does not limit your chances of moving on provided you maintain the rules of friends with benefits. You can check the rules in this link if you’re not sure about them: https://womenfitnessmag.com/3-friends-with-benefits-rules-for-girls/

  5. Much better and safer than frequent one-night stands

    A series of one night stands can be disappointing. At times you can come across jerks and unlikable individuals and the worst, it exposes you to the risks of sexually transmitted diseases. Having a friend with benefits, preferably one that practices safe sex is much better than a series of one night stands.

  6. Friends keep it real; fewer chances of cheating

    Friends that have a long history together are likely to keep it real. They are likely to be sincere since one has nothing to lose in the relationship except the sexual pleasure that comes with it. Unlike couples that might be forced to lie when seeing someone else, friends with benefits are open and keep it real.

  7. Friends with benefits can help you overcome a poor sexual lifestyle

    This benefit applies mainly to married couples. Are you experiencing a boring sex life at home and successfully failed to get a solution? Well, a friend with benefits can help you overcome the challenge provided you practice safe sex. Note, the main reason behind friends with benefits is the great sex linked to the relationship. If your marital sex life is boring, a non-committed relationship can work out for you. However, practice safe sex!

  8. It’s a learning experience

    From your friend, you can learn a few things. Both parties come out clean and in the process, a person can learn a new thing or two. The learning process is vital for making future decisions. What exactly makes you happy? What traits and characteristics make up your relationship that you would want in your new relationship once you decide to settle down? Some of the experiences come with new lessons that can lead to better outcomes in the future.


Overall, friends with benefits have critical benefits for those who make up their minds to start such relationships. The major benefits being the freedom, the great sex and the comfort of engaging your friend in an open relationship. Without commitments, people can lead a more selfish and happier life, which becomes hard to come by when one gets into a serious relationship.






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