What Is A Step-Through Bike? What You Should Know

What Is A Step-Through Bike? What You Should Know
What Is A Step-Through Bike? What You Should Know

What Is A Step-Through Bike? What You Should Know : Do you plan on purchasing a bike? Are you stuck on a dilemma on which bicycle is best for you? Wondering what makes a step-through bicycle unique and a good choice?

Step-through bicycle

It offers riders the most upright cycling position. It is easy to mount and dismount due to a low or absent cross-bar or top tube. They are seen as less sturdy and to cater for this, heavy durable materials are used. It was traditionally made for women since they wore dresses or skirts. Nowadays, it is becoming popular and unisex.


  1. The risk of ripping or stretching clothes when mounting is greatly reduced.
  2. Suitable for delivery bicycles as it is easy to mount and dismount.
  3. It is safer than a high-top tube because a rider can easily step through the bike without being entangled in the case, they lose their balance.
  4. It is suitable for the elderly and those with mobility impairments.
  5. It is the basic prototype of a folding bicycle.


  • It is heavy. A thicker gauge tubing for frame construction used adds weight.
  • It has fewer places to put your accessories.
  • It is difficult to carry around or lift as the sloping tube is near the bicycle’s center of gravity.
  • The frame may bend due to heavyweight and slanted slope reducing the life of a frame and reducing the efficiency used in pedaling.

What is the difference between step through bikes and step over bikes?

  1. Frame
    Step through bikes have a low or lacks a top tube connected in the middle of the seat. It has a lower stand over height and thicker tubing is used for stability.
    Step over bikes has a higher top tube connected to the seat at the top.
  2. Uses
    Step through bicycles is convenient for the delivery and transportation of goods. It is more suitable for women to achieve decency when mounting.
    Step over bikes is perfect for rising terrains due to a stable crossbar structure, long-distance trips and cross-country bike competitions.
  3. Users
    Step through bicycle is suitable for:

    • ladies to avoid indecency when lifting legs to mount
    • elderly and those with leg injuries
    • Delivery men since they easily get on and off the bike frequently
      Step over bikes are used by a professional cyclist for competitions and is a good choice for very tall people.

Factors to consider before purchase

  1. Price and budget
    You get what you pay for. At a lower price, you can get minimal features while at a higher price, you can customize the bike and add more features.
  2. Features
    You should consider the size of the bike, flexibility, height and inseam length.
  3. Accessories and parts
    It is important to check the available accessories and parts to know if you will need to add anything else to make your ride comfortable.


The key to finding the best step-through bicycle is by looking at the features present and considering factors like design, materials used, and weight. To fit your purpose, it is essential to know your needs before purchasing. This article has highlighted all you need to know to make the right decision.







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What Is A Step-Through Bike? What You Should Know

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