Women Cycling 101: Must-Have Tips for Girls Who Love Bicycles

Women Cycling 101: Must-Have Tips for Girls Who Love Bicycles : Cycling is an excellent way to expand your personal horizon. Whether your main goal is to be more active or enjoy your surroundings, there are many reasons why you should hop on a bike.

In the past cycling was typically a male-dominated sport. But as more and more women have strapped on their helmet for a ride, the climate (and gear) for women’s cycling has opened up to meet everyone’s needs.

This being said, it’s important to make sure you have the proper gear or your joyful ride will turn into an uncomfortable disaster. To become your best cyclist self, there are a few essential tips you need to know. Keep reading for our list of must-have tips for girls who love bicycles.

  1. hoose the Right Bike

    This may seem a bit obvious, but many people make the mistake of choosing the wrong size bike. Having an improperly sized bike will really throw off your cycling game.

    Make sure you’re looking at the frame size before you buy a bike and not just paying attention to what color it is. There are even distinctions between men’s and women’s bikes. Although as a female you don’t necessarily need a women’s bike, it’s important to compare so you can find the perfect frame size for you.

    Apart from the size, you should also consider the purpose of getting a bike. Are you going to use it for leisure rides, mountain biking adventures, or daily commuting? A regular bike will do for the first purpose, but if you’re going mountain biking, then you’ll need a bike built for it. As for the last purpose, you can get a motorized bicycle to make your daily commute easier. With a motorized bike, you can ride the manual way or make the engine do the bulk of the work for you. When choosing a bike, size, use, and purpose are all equally important considerations to ensure you get the right vehicle model for your needs.

  2. Saddle Up

    Finding the perfect saddle can sometimes seem difficult, and your best friends favorite saddle might not work for you. Having an improper saddle can lead to mega discomfort while riding, and can even cause saddle sores.

    You’re going to be spending a lot of time perched on this saddle so its important to be committed to finding the right one. Luckily there are plenty of options out there for you to try so you can find your perfect fit.

    Find a local bike shop and go there to get sized. This will help you narrow down your search for the perfect seat.

  3. Make the Switch to Clipless Pedals

    Clipless pedals can seem intimidating for any beginning cyclists, and that’s only because of the unfamiliarity of them. There are many benefits to using this type of pedal because your feet are locked into the proper place on the pedal.

    These pedals allow you to add a bit more power, meaning you’ll ride a lot faster. A good way to get used to this type of pedal and avoid embarrassingly forgetting to unclip your feet is to simply practice the clipping and unclipping while leaning up against something for support.

  4. The Perfect Women’s Cycling Shorts

    Having a quality pair of biking shorts that fit your body properly is one of the most important parts of having a comfortable ride. Luckily because of the growing popularity of women’s cycling, these shorts come in all sorts of fashionable varieties.

    You’ll most likely prefer a pair that has women specific padding. This padding might feel a little strange at first but definitely makes your ride more comfortable.

    Also, remember not to wear underwear with these shorts. This is very important because wearing underwear will only lead to chaffing and discomfort.

  5. Invest in Proper Shoes

    If you’re serious about getting into women’s cycling, investing in a good pair of cycling shoes will take you a long way. Although trainers are decent for the occasional bike ride, they allow your foot to move and flex too much.

    So wearing this type of shoe long term can cause you problems in your legs and hips. Proper cycling shoes have a firmer sole that provides more stability to your foot and will benefit your knees, legs, and hips long term.

  6. Know How to Fix a Flat

    If you’ve been lucky enough to avoid the problem of getting a flat tire, don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s never going to happen. Every rider knows that you will eventually get a flat so its important to know what to do when this occurs.

    You don’t want to find yourself unprepared and stuck somewhere without any way to get help. Ask your local bike shop or fellow cyclist to walk you through the process and make the effort to practice a few times at home.

    You want to make sure you have all the proper equipment on hand and are able to take care of this yourself when it happens.

  7. Remember to Fuel Your Body

    Taking care of your body is essential to being able to endure long rides, especially due to the mass amount of calories your body burns while cycling. Make sure to bring snacks with you for your ride.

    Eating things like bananas and energy bars along the way will help you sustain your body’s energy levels. Try to eat your snacks before you feel hungry so you can avoid that dreaded energy crash.

    It’s also extremely important to stay hydrated throughout your ride. Your body is the source of power propelling you forward and by providing it with what it needs not only will you have more enjoyable bike rides but you’ll also feel better after.


Believe in Yourself!

Joining the wave of women’s cycling is fun and exciting but it can also be intimidating. Like any new athletic adventure, starting out can be hard. Remember that no one starts out as an all-star cyclist.

It’s important to believe in yourself and your body’s ability to get stronger the more you ride. Set small goals along the way to reaching your bigger goals. If you’re working towards triathlons, start by setting goals to build towards that race distance and check out this blog for helpful tips. Work hard to improve your performance by investing in the right performance-measuring tools, such as power meters and heart-rate monitors. Creating an efficient training program will pave the way to your future victories.

Having a positive attitude is the first step in really any new experience. Enjoy the moment and all the wonderful places your bike will take you. For all things women’s fitness and more ideas on how to get your body moving, check out our website!






Women Cycling 101: Must-Have Tips for Girls Who Love Bicycles

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Women Cycling 101: Must-Have Tips for Girls Who Love Bicycles

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