What is Commercial Furniture?

What is Commercial Furniture?
What is Commercial Furniture?

What is Commercial Furniture? No home is complete without furniture. Furniture is something every house has. From the table we sit at for dinner, to the stool beside our bed, from the sofa in the hall to the chair in the waiting room, furniture is everywhere. We use furniture to store our clothes, and we keep things on furniture. But for most of us, that is all we know about furniture.

You might think that the fancy table that sits 12 people in a restaurant is a larger version of the one at home. You would not be entirely wrong to make such a guess. Nevertheless, furniture at places like restaurants, offices, and hotels isn’t meant for the residential use, they are commercial furniture. Contract furniture is especially designed furniture.

Though they may not look special, they are designed to meet a few particular standards. This article will explain to you how commercial furniture differs from the ones that you have at your place.

Why is this kind of Furniture Needed?

Now that, we have established the furniture you see in cafes, bars, and offices aren’t the same as your home, you must be asking why we need a special kind of furniture. To answer this question, we need to look at a practical example. How many hours do you sit on the chair at the dinner table? On an average, it should not be more than two hours a day. Compare that number to a chair at a cafe or restaurant. You do not sit on a single chair at your home all day, every day.

Thus, the chair at home is not subject to constant stress. This stress can wear away the chair at a cafe or bar and would need replacing again and again. Since, it is not at all profitable to keep replacing furniture at regular intervals, the furniture in commercial spaces needs to be much sturdier than those are used at home.

The difference between Domestic and Commercial Furniture

Now that you know the need for a special kind of furniture let’s look at how it differs from domestic furniture.

Durability and Longevity

Commercial furniture is constructed keeping strength in mind. This type of furniture is durable. They are specially designed to be more durable and for usage in high traffic commercial spaces. As a result of this robust construction, they last longer. Contract furniture is also made to withstand a lot of weight, rough movement, and harsh weather conditions. They can withstand rain and varying temperatures, as they are often exposed to the elements at outdoor cafes and restaurants.

Meeting Safety Standards

Though all furniture and the fabric used for upholstery must pass safety tests, in the case of commercial/contract furniture, the standards are much higher. For example, the material used in contract furniture must pass extra fire safety tests. Furniture in restaurants or cafes is often exposed to open flame and heat. Thus, fire safety is essential.

Meeting Safety Standards
Meeting Safety Standards

The difference in materials

Not all furniture is created equal. For example, metal chairs and stools intended for home use are constructed with 20-22-gauge steel, while 18-20-inch steel is used in commercial furniture. The same is true for wooden furniture. Domestic wooden furniture is usually made of rubber wood while commercial furniture is made out of Beachwood. Beachwood is highly durable and long lasting.

These are the main points of difference between domestic furniture and commercial furniture. Commercial/contract furniture is more durable than that of the domestic furniture and is of higher quality. However, contract furniture can be more expensive and is often purchased in bulk, and for these reasons, it is not ideal for home use.






What is Commercial Furniture?



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