What to Expect on An Eye Test?

What to Expect on An Eye Test?
What to Expect on An Eye Test?

What to Expect on An Eye Test? Eye tests, like other tests, can be scary, especially for someone going in for the first time. Not knowing what to expect can increase that fear and may even drive the patient away. However, eye inspections aren’t very complicated. The amount of time taken will depend on the type of test being done, but they always last for a short time.

As part of your yearly eye health check, you should get an eye exam. An eye doctor will use a vision screening device to determine if you are at risk for developing certain eye diseases. The device allows them to detect early warning signs such as changes in the shape and thickness of your retina, leakage from blood vessels in your macula region, or distortion in the lens.

Such tests are also necessary, whether you have eye problems or not. Through the analysis, you’ll be able to detect any potential issues and put preventing or corrective measures in place.

Background check

The first step in having your eyes checked is booking an appointment. Depending on the type of problem you want to check for, you can contact an ophthalmologist, optician, or optometrist. If you have an appointment for the first time, you should expect some questions regarding your history and even the family’s medical history. It’s essential to be truthful because the answer will help the doctor identify the problem faster. Don’t be shy, and remember to ask for clarity if there’s a question you don’t understand.

The eye exam

You may be asked further questions once you enter the exam room. It is to ascertain that you have or don’t have any vision problems. Your vision will then be measured to determine whether you need assistance for your eyesight or not. It’s essential to follow the directives given by the doctor and to answer correctly because this step is what determines whether you’ll be using glasses or contact lenses.

The next step will be to numb the eyes. A few drops will be put into your eyes to make it easier for the doctor to examine the inside part of the eyes. You can expect your eyes to dilate when the numbing agent is administered. The final step will be to consider the inside part of the eyes after they become numb. The doctor may shine different types of lights into your eyes during this part of the examination.

It is a necessary process with a simple exam. If you need a more sophisticated test, some complicated machines may be used, but the tests are never invasive. For instance, refraction assessment usually requires that some light waves are bent and passed through your cornea. It is done to see the type of lenses you need to be more comfortable. Your doctor will advise you on the most appropriate test, depending on your history and the signs you exhibit. Your doctor will discuss with you the results of your test after they come out and give you the possible actions you can take. Remember that you’ll include in the decision-making process, and the final word is with you.


Although eye tests are usually simple and don’t result in complications, you still need a reliable doctor. Belson & Sons Optometrists is one of the best opticians Basildon has to offer. The level of care and expertise you’ll experience here is unmatched. You’ll be treated with the utmost care and will receive the best treatment plans. Our goal is to ensure that your eyes remain healthy and sharp, and you remain comfortable with your vision. We have the knowledge, the workforce, and the latest equipment fitted with the most advanced technology.




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What to Expect on An Eye Test?

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