When (And How) Can You Find out the Sex of Your Baby

When (And How) Can You Find out the Sex of Your Baby : You are dying to know whether to start buying pink or blue. The suspense is almost unbearable!

But, when can you find out the sex of the baby? And, how do you go about doing this?

When Can You Find Out the Sex of the Baby?

Pregnancy leaves parents, dreaming about their future with a little person they do not yet know. The only quality you can really learn about them is their sex.

How early can you find out the sex of the baby? It depends on the method of determination that you use.

How Early Can You Tell the Sex of a Baby with Each Method?

You can determine your baby’s gender via several different methods. Some require modern medical technology while others you can have fun with at home.

Let’s take a look at the different ways and when they can give you an accurate result!

  • Fetal Ultrasound

    The ultrasound is the most common medical test that tells your child’s sex. It is safe and mostly accurate.

    Your first ultrasound typically happens around 6-8 weeks gestation. Unfortunately, you can not learn the sex of your baby quite yet.

    About 7 weeks following fertilization, your little one develops their sex organs. At this point, though, you could not detect them on the ultrasound screen.

    Many doctors schedule a screening to check the baby’s development at around 20 weeks gestation. You can most likely learn whether it’s a boy or a girl at this appointment.

    Sometimes, the baby does not cooperate though. They may keep their legs closed or turn in a way that keeps the genitals hidden.

    In rare instances, ultrasound technicians actually get the sex wrong. But, you will most likely leave with a solid answer.

  • Blood Test

    Less routinely, parents find out through a blood test. Your doctor may perform a blood test to check for chromosomal abnormalities around 8-10 weeks. Since the sex is determined at the moment Dad’s sperm fertilizes mom’s egg, the test can tell if your baby is male or female at this time.

    While pregnant, a mother’s blood will contain tiny fragments of fetal DNA. Her blood normally only contains X chromosomes.

    While pregnant, a mother’s blood will contain tiny fragments of fetal DNA. The test looks for the presence of a Y chromosome, which only males possess.

  • Amniocentesis

    In this procedure, the doctor places a long needle into the belly to extract amniotic fluid for testing. It technically can be performed to tell the sex of the baby at around 16 weeks of pregnancy.

    Though, this is not recommended, unless a medical need for it presents itself. This, unlike the ultrasound and blood sampling, this test does come with risks.

  • Invitro Fertilization

    Invitro fertilization combines the parents’ egg and sperm outside of the body and then implants one or more healthy embryos into the mother’s womb. Doctors perform genetic testing on the embryos to ensure that the healthiest are selected for implantation.

    When they test the embryos, they can also successfully determine the sex, before they impregnate mom. Some countries actually allow parents to select the gender of their baby, though many have strict policies to prevent designer babies.

  • Ramzi Theory

    A doctor named Saam Ramzi Ismail claims that you can use a 2D ultrasound to predict the baby’s gender at as early as 6 weeks when the placental villi begin to form. He says that the baby’s sex determines where the placenta forms in the uterus.

    Most doctors will not approve of this because of the lack of peer review. But, you can ask where your placenta lies during the first screening. According to Ramzi, boys form on the right and girls form on the left.

  • Baking Soda Gender Test

    Now we move away from the medical tests and look at a fun method to try at home on your own. The baking soda test does come with some scientific backing, but we will not vouch on its accuracy.

    Theoretically, boys create more acidic urine for the mother and girls cause mom to produce more basic urine. Science says that baking soda reacts with acid.

    So, a boy will make baking soda fizz when it comes into contact with mom’s urine and a girl will cause no reaction. You can drop 2 teaspoons of baking soda into a cup of your urine after you start seeing positive pregnancy tests, the chemicals in the body start changing at this point.

  • Cravings Indicator

    As you approach your second trimester, food cravings typically begin. Old wives’ tales suggest that you can tell the sex of your baby based on your pallet.

    As the nursery rhyme suggests, little girls are made of sugar and spice, and everything nice, so mom craves sweets with a girl. While pregnant with a boy, on the other hand, mom will want salty and hearty foods.

  • The Ring Reveal

    Superstitious married couples can have fun trying out this test. You can do it as soon as you find out you’re pregnant!

    All you need is a long string tied to your wedding band. Have dad dangle it over your belly and hold still.

    Folklore says that if the ring sways to and fro in a straight line, then you will give birth to a baby boy. But, if the ring swirls in a circular motion, then it detects a little girl.

  • Astrology and Numerology

    Some say it is in the stars! Throughout time, many cultures, like the Indians, Chinese, and Mayans, have looked to the sky for predicting gender.

    Use any of these right away when pregnant. In fact, some say that you can also use the method do decide the gender of your baby ahead of time!

    You can look at a Mayan Calendar to use your age and the year you conceive. Or, simply use one of the many online astrology calculators.

    It may not prove accurate. But, it will keep you occupied while you wonder.

Have a Healthy Pregnancy

Whether you find yourself on team pink or team blue, the most important thing is having a healthy pregnancy. But, do not feel guilty for wanting to know what your baby will be!

We want to help you stay fit and healthy during your pregnancy! Read our fitness tips on our website!




Note: Sex determination before birth is illegal in India. In this article Women Fitness Magazine neither endorse or motivate or promote any such actions or activities. The above information is just for Educational and knowledge gaining Purposes. These thoughts are author’s own thoughts, for which Women Fitness Magazine is not responsible in any capacity.



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When (And How) Can You Find out the Sex of Your Baby

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