What to Look for in Dietary Supplements?

What to Look for in Dietary Supplements? : A dietary supplement product is what we take by mouth to supplement the diet with the ingredients like vitamins and minerals herbs, amino acids and botanical products, animal parts possibly algae, seafood, yeast, fungus, enzymes, energy bars liquid food supplements. They may be in the shape of tablets, capsules, liquids, solids etc.

Indeed, dietary supplements are nowadays super popular. In a recent survey, it has been estimated that more than half of Americans use them. They spend billions of dollars on them each year. It is also a truth that most people just buy supplements on general recommendations by others, without analysing the ingredients and their nutritional values, which might not be very useful to their needs.

There are few powerful herbal and natural ingredients, proprietary formulated by Full Life supplements can benefit our body and if taken in appropriate quantities, can act as wonders and promote complete health and wellbeing.

The main powerful vitamins and minerals, which a complete dietary supplement should contain are always not considered. Here are a few of them, which are best for your body needs.

Vitamin C and E

Now, when you don’t need supplements as you have no deficiency, you should not take multivitamins and nonfood antioxidants.  However, those persons who are over the age of 50 years may have some age-related macular degeneration and slowly lose their vision, because of a weak macula. They may take some antioxidants, as they sop up free radicals. Vitamin C and E are antioxidants and their combination works well to prevent further damage.


It’s a molecule that your liver and kidney naturally make, and you mostly store it in your muscles. Besides workout supplements, it is available in foods like beef and fish. With it, people can run faster, lift heavier weights, and build more muscle. Creatine helps people who have muscular dystrophy which is a genetic disease to cause progressive muscle loss and weakness. Beetroot can improve athletic performance, specifically for aerobic sports, like running or swimming.

Folic acid, or folate

It is a B9 vitamin. Folic acid is important for providing a base to formalize your DNA. It plays a significant role in making red blood cells, thymine and cytosine.

As your body needs Vitamins to grow and work and these compounds can’t be made by your body, you need to take good foods for them. Everyone needs folic acid, but pregnant women need it more for the speedy growth of the new body in their womb. Since folic acid which is available through leafy vegetables and other foods in a natural way, or through fortified things like breakfast cereal, may not be enough, pregnant women are medically advised to take sufficient folic acid supplements both before and during the pregnancy. Otherwise, they can develop anaemia, or too few healthy red blood cells and their tissues don’t get enough oxygen. The deficiency of folic acid may make them tired and affect the baby’s growth and damage nerves which may result in spina bifida which can create the chances of paralysis in the kids.


Sometimes, a baby doesn’t fully develop its brain or skull. It is called anencephaly. Melatonin is generally considered a cure and also for sleep-related problems.

For adults too, who have abnormal or disrupted circadian rhythms — like people with jet lag, night shifts, or delayed sleep phase syndrome, due to your biological clock being continually several hours behind. Melatonin is a hormone that controls the cycling in and out of our sleep. Tart Cherries, Goji Berries, Eggs, Milk, Fish, and Nuts like Pistachios and almonds are rich sources of melatonin.

St. John’s wort

It is one of the oldest supplements in the world. When it was tested in multiple placebo-controlled trials in a 2008 meta-analysis, it was ascertained that this supplement helps better than a placebo and is just as effective as standard anti-depressants, but it has fewer side effects and interacts with a lot of other drugs and makes them less effective — like HIV antiretrovirals, birth control, and organ transplant rejection drugs. That is why this supplement is not advised to be combined with other anti-depressants because those drugs can also increase serotonin levels, which can lead to a serotonin overdose. Because of other mechanisms, St. John’s wort can also make you more sensitive to the sun, and it can lead to miscarriages, so pregnant people should avoid it.

Collagen Protein Powder

It has a significant role in forming healthy cartilage and keeping connective tissues including tendons and joints ligaments. Strong and healthy collagen is made up of 19 amino acids which are the building blocks that help give your body’s tissues their strength and elasticity. So, it benefits the joints by providing support for comfortable and Mobility. It supports exercise performance helping recovery after exercise. Post-exercise recovery reduces discomfort with noticeable results really in as little as seven days and also can reduce the range of motion problems discomfort and stiffness as well as better joint strength and integrity.

Turmeric Powder

It is full of beneficial compounds including its most active ingredient called curcumin which supports a healthy response to inflammation. Its yellow and orange pigment has soothing properties and plays a role in supporting healthy joints. It helps with joint tenderness reduction that supports joint cartilage and range of motion. Mobility also helps reduce joint discomfort combination compounds found in turmeric have also been shown to support muscle strength during exercise as well as physical inactivity too.

Bone Broth Protein

It is a slow-cooked bone broth and gets most of the nutrients out of the bone. It helps with about one to three servings of the bone broth protein mix that’s helpful. You can put it in smoothies too soups and baked goods if you’re not crazy about the taste of the bone broth.





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What to Look for in Dietary Supplements?

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