What to Look For When Buying Shoes For Your Man?

What to Look For When Buying Shoes For Your Man? Many have argued that shoe obsession is a preserve for the women. True as that may, the fact is that men also love shoes. There is a wide range of shoe types that men can choose from; whether for official use, around the house sneakers, casuals or whatever the occasion. You only need to visit a good online store for shoes and you have the type that impresses you.

Men have their taste and thus if you are a lady and you want to surprise him with a shoe gift, a few tips will help you.

Find below some of the factors that you need to consider before you spend your bucks

The quality of the material

Man are addicted to quality, they want to look classy on all occasions. However, even as you look for some impressive material, you have to consider the quality. Men want to know; is it made of canvass, leather, or any other likable material. That bonded kind of leather that looks so shiny may not impress a man.

They are always looking for the leather with a matt with a wrinkled feel.  Whatever they put on, they want to feel the roughness – men are not ‘smooth’ after all. Good shoes that are made of quality material maybe a little bit more costly but you can be sure that the shoes will last for long.

The appearance of the shoe

The appearance of the shoe
The appearance of the shoe

Many are the times you want to pay attention to the type and color of the shirt or trouser/ jeans and whether they match.  But whatever you put on must perfectly rhyme with the shoes you put on. From casual, office or any other outdoor wear, the type and quality of the shoe you wear will make a big difference in your general outlook.

Particularly, black is a universal color that matches most of the other office outfits.  When it comes to casuals, a mix of loafers and some other common sneakers like chukkas will offer great diversity. There are also different types of boots for men you can have when going for some vigorous outdoor adventure. Look at your toe shape, buckle closure, shoe waist and such which will make you stand out of the crowd.


Who wants to buy a shoe worth hundreds of dollars and be out of use for less than a month or two? That can be really disheartening and quite expensive. When looking for a shoe; no matter the purpose, you have to consider the make and how long it can remain useful.

How strong is the shoe sole?  Look for a shoe with a strong sole which can stand degradation. Look for a shoe with good arch support, one which is highly resistant to dent or scratch. Thus even as you look for one that looks good, you have to consider a shoe that is going to stand the taste of time. Ignoring this fact could be quite costly.

When choosing a man’s shoe, you have to pay attention to a few facts. Look for a good online store that offers a diversity of shoes for all purposes and in a variety of colors that will match your outfit.






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What to Look For When Buying Shoes For Your Man?

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