Why an Allergy Treatment Center Like Premier Allergy and Asthma is Better Than Using OTCs for Your Symptoms

Why an Allergy Treatment Center Like Premier Allergy and Asthma is Better Than Using OTCs for Your Symptoms: Whether you’re a fit and healthy runner, cross-country skier, bicycle rider and hiker who also does free-weight training, everyone suffers from some form of allergies or even asthma. Some people don’t even like or are scared of visiting their doctor’s office. They tend to treat their symptoms with over the counter medications. These may, in the long run, have counter effects on your whole wellbeing.

Treatment Centers

There are treatment centers all over the U.S., that can help with allergy and asthma symptoms. Treatment centers, like Premier Allergy and Asthma, offer state of the art technologies and treatments for allergies and other symptoms. It is far better to try such an option than to experience dangerous side effects from habitual use of over-the-counter medications.

Nasal Spray Alternatives

According to WebMD, this problem is called the “rebound effect.” Nasal sprays work by making your blood vessels in your nose shrink. Today, we know that, after just three to five days, your blood vessels no longer respond to the nasal spray as well. Even if the allergies are no longer present, the congestion of the enlarged blood vessels in your nose continues.

Eventually, headaches can occur along with other ailments. They can develop in the sinus region and can be quite painful. WebMd says that an alternative to the nasal spray for allergy sufferers is to take either oral antihistamines or oral decongestants.

How Diets Affect Symptoms

Eating a balanced diet can also help with allergy symptoms. This includes ensuring you don’t eat any foods that may contain allergens or have intolerances for you. Once you find the right combinations of food, you’re already heading towards a healthier lifestyle. Women tend to be more intolerant to foods containing gluten or dairy, they can cause allergy-like symptoms such as headaches, stuffy nose, stomach aches, lethargy, etc. Maybe seeing a doctor and having a food allergy test can be beneficial to you.

Healthy and balanced diets catered to your symptoms will decrease the use of OTC medications as well as other symptoms you may be experiencing.

Whole Health Approach

Practices like Premier Allergy and Asthma work to focus on more whole health treatments that will endure for their patients. In fact, their allergy testing does not involve any needles or even blood being drawn.

In addition to their other treatment options, they offer oral immunotherapy that will help you build up a tolerance to food allergens. Stanford Medicine has also been utilizing oral immunotherapy with children with food allergies. The children are provided micro-doses of the offending food over time until they no longer have an allergic reaction to a full serving of the food.

Dr. Summit Shah is an expert in penicillin testing and Premier Allergy and Asthma has the only office in the Columbus, Ohio area with a comprehensive test that can rule out conclusively if you are allergic to penicillin or not.

Fortunately, there are more holistic choices and a better range of therapies available today to help allergy sufferers rather than to condemn them to the dangers of long-term OTC medication use. It’s important to seek medical attention when you can no longer control your symptoms. This reduces long-term health risks. It can also be the beginning of your recovery. With allergies under control, you can lead a healthier more enjoyable life.



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Why an Allergy Treatment Center Like Premier Allergy and Asthma is Better Than Using OTCs for Your Symptoms