Why Are Women Buying More Cars Today?

Why Are Women Buying More Cars Today? While the car industry has always been a male-dominated arena, the tides are changing in recent times as more and more women are buying cars. As women become more self-sufficient and independent in modern society, it’s only natural that they depend on cars for a safer and more convenient means of transportation. According to a recent survey, a whopping 62% of new cars sold in the U.S are bought by women.

Unlike men, women have a different set of priorities when they purchase a car and they focus more on regular models like the Honda Civic and Kia Forte than performance models. Taking note of this, carmakers are now looking to attract more and more women to their showrooms and designing cars to suit their tastes.

In general, selling cars to men is a lot easier and simpler because they usually gloss over factors like practicality, and even safety for performance and fun. But, if they want to cater to women, manufacturers have to go back to the drawing board to come up with some clever features and get their priorities right. As of today, women influence nearly 85% of car purchases, a staggering amount that can’t be taken for granted anymore.

Since women make up half the population, manufacturers have started prioritizing practicality, comfort, and safety with all their new models to make them attractive to women.

Why the sudden surge in car sales to women?

Most of it can be traced back to changing lifestyles and modern society. Nowadays, women are marrying and settling down later in life than a few decades ago. A lot of women are also remaining single for longer, leading them to focus on their personal life and buy a car. While this did not happen overnight, car manufacturers are only just realizing the importance of women buyers.

Nowadays, some of the most high-ranking positions at companies are held by women, and similar shifts in lifestyles require them to travel a lot for work. Since driving yourself everywhere is by far the most convenient and safest means of transport, it’s only natural for women to start buying cars for themselves with a different set of priorities.

Modern women are also becoming more self-sufficient, earning more money and taking up a lot more responsibilities. This high level of self-sufficiency can only be achieved if they have their own car to travel around in and improve their life.

Earning power has also seen a boost in recent times as more women learn additional skills, shift to larger cities and focus on their careers rather than a family. Women occupying salaried positions have also increased significantly in the last few decades. All of this leads to more women buying a car for themselves.

Another factor to consider is the easy availability of car loans, making cars a lot easier to attain in modern society.

Which cars do women prefer?

Unsurprisingly, women have different priorities than men when shopping for a car. For starters, men usually look for masculine factors like performance and style. Because of this, men are the usual demographic for high-performance cars like muscle cars, sports cars, and even trucks. Men also look for better dynamics and good looks in a car. In fact, styling is still one of the main selling points of a car for men.

However, women have a different set of priorities. They focus on the practical side of things like interior space, comfort, and safety. They are less impressed by horsepower and dynamics. Because of this, women usually prefer models like the Honda Civic, Honda Accord, Nissan Altima, and more. As the number of women buyers increases, we can expect car manufacturers to build cars aimed at women with simpler interiors and better comfort.

Women also depend a lot more on social media when deciding on a car, and the industry is studying the process to better cater to the female audience. Instead of focusing on the looks and features, the new priorities are for cargo capacity, safety, and the number of seats. Women also prefer cars that are reliable in the long run, focusing on the models that are less likely to leave them stranded.

Changes in the car industry

Since the car industry has catered to men ever since its inception, some strong changes have to be made to shift its focus to women. To make the cars more appealing, car manufacturers are relying more on lifestyle magazines and social media to advertise their cars, in a bid to reach more women. Industry leaders are fine-tuning the whole process to consider women buyers at every stage of the process, shaping the cars to become more appealing and then advertising in a way to reach the correct demographic.

More and more women engineers are also being hired by companies to design vehicles that suit them more. This change can be seen right down to dealerships where more women are being hired as sales executives to widen their reach. In addition, more women are opening their own businesses in the motor trade industry, taking out car valeting insurance to protect against unexpected events and financial loss.

Several modern offerings like the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque compact SUV and even the new aston martin dbx for sale were heavily influenced by women during the designing process and are aimed at women buyers. In the coming decades, we can expect this approach to continue as more cars are being tailored for women rather than men.

Along similar lines, the new Audi Q3 compact SUV also received a redesign to make it more appealing to women.

Modern cars are a lot easier to drive

This applies to all of us, regardless of gender. A notable difference between cars from just a few decades ago to the cars that are available today is how easier they are to drive. From driving assistance features to cars that can park themselves, you even don’t need valet services and neither there is risk of wrong parking and driving a car is easier than ever. Most cars get light steering, making them easier to drive in the city. Another notable addition is cameras that surround the car, improving visibility in even the tightest of spots.

Moving away from the improved convenience, modern cars also get a suite of driver assistance features that help avoid accidents and keep the driver safe. Even semi-autonomous driving is available on some models, making ownership that much easier.



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Why Are Women Buying More Cars Today?

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