Why Do Seniors Need an Electric Bike?

Why Do Seniors Need an Electric Bike? : Should a senior citizen mean a decline in vitality? No way! To take part in physical and social activities should be a right shared by all ages of humans.

Nowadays, there are numerous activities for seniors to ensure their health and happiness and live a desirable life—one of the best options for seniors is riding an electric bike. Electric bikes mainly offer 3 things to seniors: health benefits, security and flexible choices.

  1. Overall Health Benefits of E-Bikes

    Riding an electric bike is a very good aerobic exercise for seniors, which can prevent the aging of the brain in the elderly, improve the agility of the nervous system and improve cardiopulmonary function. It is an excellent exercise for many elderly people, especially those with damaged knees, who can replace their daily running with cycling. Moreover, cycling can boost the immune system which is of great significance to protect us away from affection during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Apart from basic general exercise to keep healthy, electric bikes also work the core muscles and increase your strength. Cycling enhances the function of bones and muscles of the lower limbs. The more often you ride with no-motor-running or half-motor-running, the stronger your core muscles will become.

  2. Great Security Protection

    When encountering steep slopes, electric bikes help cyclists go uphill easily, as the electric bicycle is equipped with a motor—the greater the power, the more effortless going uphill, reducing obstacles for the elderly to go uphill, ensuring their safety and a good riding experience.

    Electric bikes, often with fat tires which are famous for robust structure and excellent performance, are fit for all kinds of terrains and weathers and offer a higher degree of security and comfort. It provides a wide contact once they hit the roads, which translates to enhanced balance to ensure safety. This feature offers you high stability in riding and gets less injury. Also, the large tread depth on the tires means that you’re cushioned against the strong impact.

    In fact, the big imposing shape of the fat tire is of high use, as it increases air capacity in both wheels when maneuvering on uneven terrains. Steep downhill descents or rapid acceleration over ice and other tricks should all be possible with a fat tire electric bike, and the extra traction for the deeply grooved tires will allow you to ascend quite steadily. Fat tire electric bikes are a great idea for any senior who has decent balance and fitness; those with medical concerns or poor balance might as well seek out a three-wheeled electric bike instead.

  3. Flexible Choices

    It’s often believed that electric bikes are for professional off-roading riders or other strong young guys. In fact, the electric bike can be seen as a humane design for seniors. Perhaps the most prominent edge of electric bikes over conventional bikes is that they provide supplemental power when pedaling is difficult. This is especially useful for older adults. For example, many seniors will begin to develop arthritis. Sometimes, due to sudden discomfort or pain, it is almost life-saving to adjust the gear to let the motor help them.

    Different levels of pedal assist return the initiative to you. By adjusting the level, you can get a workout without exhaustion or injury, and won’t be late for your commute or appointment—this is all up to you. This is what Magicycle pursues in its design. Backed up by a 7-level pedal assist, Magicycle electric bikes offer a wide range of options, ensuring the seniors an effortless ride if needed.

  4. How to choose electric bikes for seniors?

    The best electric bike for seniors is one that is very comfortable, convenient to use, and provides enough power to ascend any hill easily. Other important characteristics include a low base weight to make it easier to maneuver, adjustable components, and good handling ability.

    Magicycle, equipped with a high-power motor of 750w and 86Nm, makes ascending the hill as easy as pie. And the 4-inch wide, non-slip, and puncture-resistant tires can fulfill all your fantasies for a fat tire electric bike.

    Other security measures include that compared with the black and white screen commonly used in the market, Magicycle offers an LCD color screen, which allows you to see clearly on the screen even when the natural light is strong.

With excellent pre and after sales service connecting producers and customers, Magicycle has very high feedback praise from customers. And the mode of factory direct sales can quickly feedback the customer’s problems from the sales directly to the factory and make adjustments quickly. Customized service at hand! If you have some physical inconvenience that we need to adjust, you can contact us directly. So don’t worry it may bother to ask for exchange or other sales services. We are always here.

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Why Do Seniors Need an Electric Bike?

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