5 Flirting Tips for Both Men and Women

5 Flirting Tips for Both Men and Women : If you don’t see your crush often, it is important that you make your shared moments with them count every time you get together. Unfortunately, this isn’t always easy if you are shy or worried that you may be coming too strong.

The good news is there are some effective ways you can leave a lasting impression on your potential lover without being remembered for all the wrong reasons. One of them is to flirt.

In general, flirting can be defined as the social behavior involving verbal or written communication, as well as body language, to show interest in developing a deeper relationship with another person. But, the thing about flirting is that it doesn’t come easily for everyone, no matter if you have found your crush on classifieds posted on online dating apps or met them at a bar.

To help you along, we share five tips to master the art of flirting and get your crush’s attention.

Look at your crush

Making eye contact is one of the most subtle ways to show your crush you are interested in them. It doesn’t require you to think of some witty pick-up lines or make a bold move by coming on too strong. It is a very powerful way to convey attraction and risk-free if you aren’t sure if your crush is interested.

According to experts, you should look at them, and then look away, three times to catch their glimpse. Make sure you choose the right moment to do so when you can have their complete attention without too many distractions.

Use body language

Using body language is another effective way to show interest in your crush. Everything from angling your body towards your crush to doing bold body movements such as “accidentally” running into them can help you increase your attraction.

For example, if you are a man standing in a room full of people, you can shift your body so it’s facing your crush. This is such a subtle move that screams “I’m interested in you.”

If you are a woman, you can touch your crush casually on their arm or shoulder to get their attention.

Show you’re interested in their life

Another key part of flirting is to show you are interested in your crush’s life. This means every time you start a conversation, you should be engaged and pay attention to what they have to say. Try to remember as many details as possible because this way they will appreciate how curious you are about them.

As you are talking, make sure you look them in the eye with warmth to make them feel like they are important. Also, don’t forget to give them genuine compliments to make them feel even more special.

Don’t forget to smile

The smile is another powerful way to convey your message to your crush that you are interested in them. The thing is people are typically drawn to those who have a positive outlook on life, and a great way to express that is through a constant smile.

A happy, smiling face will certainly make you appear more approachable and friendly which is exactly what you are looking for to get your crush to notice and approach you. It may actually help them develop that friendly feeling for you, which is a good start to building some form of a relationship with your crush.

Be confident

Even if flirting doesn’t come easily for you, it is still important that you try to be confident so you can get your crush’s attention. For many people, there is nothing more attractive than showing that you are sure of yourself and know what you want.

However, make sure you avoid coming across as overly confident because it can easily make you look more arrogant and be a big turn-off, especially for women. Just be yourself and honest at all times as these are the best ways to show you are comfortable with yourself.


Flirting is one of the key things to making a good impression on someone you like. It is a subtle way of showing your crush you are interested in them and are looking for a potential deeper connection.

Unfortunately, for both men and women, flirting doesn’t always come as easily. So, if you struggle with it, make sure you return to our post and follow the tips to help you become better at flirting and get your crush’s attention.




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5 Flirting Tips for Both Men and Women

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