Winter Health and Wellness Tips for Women

Winter Health and Wellness Tips for Women : Cold weather is making its way across the country, bringing blustery winds, dry air, and shorter days with it. While the holidays add a touch of warmth to an otherwise frigid season, it’s easy to feel stressed or depressed once they end.

That is where self-care comes into play! Finding simple ways every day to embrace yourself and show yourself some love can go a long way to helping you find peace of mind and inspiration to take better care of yourself. Don’t miss this quick Winter Health and Wellness Tips:

Winter Health and Wellness Tips for Women

Find a new indoor exercise

If cold winter weather is putting a halt to your outdoor running routine, find a way to stay active inside that brings you just as much joy and satisfaction. Great indoor exercises which can add variety to any hum-drum workout routine include yoga, tai chi, stationary rowing, stationary cycling, swimming, and indoor tennis.


Take a warm bath

Nothing helps you unload from a frigid commute home from work quite like a soak in a warm bath. In addition to helping relieve muscle tension, a warm bath can boost your blood flow, and help your skin sweat out impurities. Add a fizzy bath bomb with a scent you love to your bath, burn a couple candles, and turn on your most relaxing tunes to take your bath to the next level.


Care for someone else

Looking for those experiences that make you feel all warm and fuzzy? Helping someone else is a great way to care for your own spirit, and there is no better time to give back than winter. Put together bags for homeless people you might pass on your way to work and stash them in your car – simply assemble items in a gallon bag like water bottles, socks, snacks, tissues, chapstick, and toiletries.



Self-soothing isn’t just for babies! Essential to relaxation and self-empowerment, self-soothing as an adult may involve basic things like rubbing lotion on your feet or giving yourself a little massage. Applying tactile pressure to tense muscles and stiff joints can help relieve pain and put you in touch with your own body. Tools like a massage ball for back pain or electric massage pillow can be utilized for daily self-massage that leaves you feeling relaxed and limber.


Set goals

There is no better time than the beginning of a new year to reflect on the past and set goals for the future. Setting goals is pertinent to self-care because it mirrors your own perception of self-worth as well as gives you something to strive and work hard for. Even small goals can bring you great motivation, like aiming to do 50 push-ups at once by June or pledging to give a vegetarian diet a try. The options are endless!


Eat winter foods

Take advantage of the health-boosting bounty winter has to offer in the form of fruits, vegetables, and grains. Fall and winter cruciferous veggies like kale, brussel sprouts, and cauliflower offer huge doses of fiber, Vitamins A and C, and antioxidants, and winter squash and avocados generate powerful amounts of potassium. Incorporating more whole fruits and vegetables into your diet that are in season allows you to buy locally and support nearby farms too.


Try aromatherapy

There is something so olfactory to the winter and holiday season – comforting aromas of cookies baking, the minty smell of candy canes, the wonderful sense of sniffing a cup of hot chocolate or warm cider. Aromatherapy has powerful health benefits for your mental wellbeing and could be just the self-care you’re looking for to provide relaxation, focus, and positivity to your space. Immerse yourself in scents like vanilla, sandalwood, rosemary, or peppermint by burning scented candles, using an aroma diffuser, or even spraying essential oils on your pillow or yoga mat. As recommended by


Love your feet

Feet take a beating during your lifetime, but they are especially prone to wear and tear during the winter months. Cold dry air can lead to cracking, flaking skin and nights out in high heels for any number of holiday parties can cause foot soreness and cramping. Show your feet some love with nightly pampering – wash and dry them thoroughly, and rub hydrating lotion on them to lock in moisture. And don’t forget your high heel insoles – the best inserts for heels will add cushioning and preventing skin irritation and blisters.


Taking care of yourself this winter with regular, meaningful practices can mean the difference between waking up refreshed and excited for a new day or barely being able to drag yourself out of bed. Try one of the easy ideas above, or come up with your own – maybe it’s taking a little time to unplug from the digital world or practicing daily meditation, the ideas are endless!




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Winter Health and Wellness Tips for Women
Winter Health and Wellness Tips for Women
Winter Health and Wellness Tips for Women
Winter Health and Wellness Tips for Women
Winter Health and Wellness Tips for Women
Winter Health and Wellness Tips for Women



Winter Health and Wellness Tips for Women

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