Wonderful Smells That Will Improve Your Mood

Wonderful Smells That Will Improve Your Mood
Wonderful Smells That Will Improve Your Mood

We all know that smells can bring memories and memories of your childhood and people you love can make you feel better in any situation, believe my experience. To my mind, the use of smells in our life is greatly underestimated. You can use them to boost your mood, no matter what. Different smells can create different moods; this knowledge may be of use for you as well. Here are a few wonderful smells that can improve your mood any time and any day no matter how hard it is.

1. Coffee


The smell of coffee has always made me feel cozy and protected, no matter what mood I’m in. To my mind, you can’t just smell coffee without wanting to have a cup of hot, freshly brewed drink. But even if you don’t like coffee as a drink, you can always use its smell to relieve you from stress and anxiety.


2. Lavender


Sure, everyone knows about lavender and its mild fresh smell. We use its smell in candles, and essential oils. It helps to relax and fight anxiety. But have you ever heard that lavender can be used as cooking spice? Yes, in France it is used as spice and added to soups, fish or chicken and even vegetables. Why don’t you try and tell if it tastes good?


3. Chocolate


Chocolate is widely known for its properties. Even the smell of it can be of a great use for you. Chocolate is the best aphrodisiacal scent this world ever known. It will cheer you up and make you feel energetic in no time. And you must agree that smelling chocolate will not give your body an excessive weight!


4. Vanilla


They say it is one of the best smells to chase away depression. Besides, it can be of help with fatigue and anxiety. But most of all it is known as aphrodisiac. People use vanilla since ancient times and it has always been very popular for its mild and sweet smell. I am sure a lot of people reading this at least once had a romantic evening with vanilla candle. To say nothing of vanilla ice cream!


5. Rose Scent

Rose Scent

Essential oils with the smell of roses are most popular ones. Rose scent is used for many purposes, one of them is perfumes. Rose petals have a mild, soft smell, and sometimes you can even see them used in cooking. As for me, I just adore rose petals jam!


6. Coconut


One more scent to help you improve your mood is a coconut. It can boost your mood whether you eat it or just smell it. Its scent can affect our dopamine and serotonin levels by erecting them. Coconut is also an aphrodisiac that is used in different types of cosmetics. Besides, you must have thought at least once about a tropical paradise that comes to your mind while smelling coconut!


7. Peppermint


Many of you will prefer this scent to any other. Peppermint is very popular for its properties. Peppermint smell reduces stress and makes you feel happier. A lot of people like having their tea with peppermint, as it helps with the digestion. Peppermint is useful for your body as well as for your spirit.


8. Food


The smell of cooked food is loved almost by everyone. Just imagine the smell of roasting turkey or a backing cake and you will understand all the importance of these smells. Smell of food can make you feel at home, where you can be safe with your beloved by your side. Besides, as our appetites are linked to dopamine and serotonin production in the brain, food smells will make you feel better even if you won’t eat anything. So if you are in a bad mood try to cook your favorite dish and see what will happen!


9. Rosemary


One more popular scent you can use to spice your meals and improve your mood is rosemary. You can use rosemary with meat; interesting smell will make it delicious. It somewhat resembles the smell of a Christmas tree that can bring a lot of happy memories and make you feel better. The smell of rosemary can make you calm and positive.

You can see that scents can be of extreme use in our everyday life. You can make use of these smells to create a bright day at any time. Did you ever use any of these smells to boost your mood? Which is your favorite one?


Wonderful Smells That Will Improve Your Mood