Words You Should Stop Using

Words You Should Stop Using
Words You Should Stop Using

Without a doubt, everyone should know and understand that some certain words which we use while communicating with others are not so good. Definitely, we should try to erase these words from our vocabulary because they don’t represent us as good personalities, but only emphasize our flaws. That’s why it is very important to think carefully and choose the proper words to express our ideas and thoughts and only then we can speak. Actually, your words reflect your inner world and people can see what kind of person you are after they listen to you. It will be fair to say that words have an enormous power. With their help we can form our thoughts, get inspiration or lose hope. If you want to have a good impact on others and express your personality in a perfect way, you should certainly consider the following words and erase them from your vocabulary.

1. Hate

I think there is no such person in this world who didn’t use this word at least once in a lifetime. That is a usual thing. The problem is that we use this word too often. Every time when people don’t like something in their life, even if that is some trifle, they say “hate” without thinking. I know such people who use this word when they try some food and it is not to their taste. Surely, if you’ve already used to certain words it’s difficult to avoid them, but still you should try hard to forget them. It is also possible that your bad mood and negative emotions are caused by this word. Sometimes you really need to tell people about your dislikes or preferences. In such cases you can substitute the negative word for the positive one.

2. Someday

This word can only show your lack of confidence and uncertainty. When I hear that someone is saying this word, I think that the person is not so much interested in the result of one’s intention. If you have a goal in your life you must decide exactly when it should happen. Otherwise, your dreams will never come true. Usually, we leave important and special events till the time when we are ready. That is absolutely wrong. That time can never come. You should act right now!

3. Can’t

To my mind, one of the negative words which prevent us from definite achievements and success is the word “can’t”. So, if you erase it from your vocabulary, you’ll be able to get more inspiration, power and optimism. Those people who say they can’t do certain things will never be successful. Instead of this word you can use the following phrase “I will learn how to do this.” I’m convinced that we can do everything in this world, even those things which at first seem to be the most difficult and unachievable. For that we only need to be persistent, work hard and always believe in our dreams. Try to delete this word from your daily usage and you’ll see the results.

4. Try

I should admit that this word is one of my greatest mistakes because I use it quite often. If you have the same problem, I recommend you to avoid it while speaking with someone. I’ve decided that I will do my best to eliminate this word from my vocabulary. You can always find an alternative. For instance, change the word “try” for “I will” and things will go differently. You’ll become more confident and determined. When we use the word “try”, we express only the possibility of our ideas. It doesn’t oblige us to fulfill our plans. Surely, this word is not advisable for usage in your conversation with others. You should see distinctly your goal and do everything possible to reach it.

5. Problem

I would strongly recommend you to erase the word “problem” from your mind. Every problem which people have in their life can be solved one way or another. In all problems we should see the opportunities that are given to us. When we have such opportunities we become more experienced and powerful. Try to see only positive sides in every difficult situation. Everything depends on your attitude to the situation and how you see it. All the negative and bad words will only enhance our troubles. Learn from every experience you get in your life, even if it is not so much pleasant.

6. But

At first sight, this word can seem to be quite innocent. In reality, it can influence greatly all your thoughts and ideas. When you use it in your sentence, you emphasize that everything mentioned before it is unreal and impossible. It’s better to delete this word from your speech or simply substitute it with some other. Let’s look at this sentence “I want to enter this university next year but it’s so difficult to prepare for the exams.” If you express your thoughts in such way, you’ll focus only on the negative side of the statement, not on your dream.

7. Failure

Those people who speak about failures which happen on their life path are completely wrong. That is a kind of feedback, which can be useful for you. Whenever you have some negative experience or suffer from the crash of your hopes and attempts, don’t see it as a tragedy. It should be accepted as a good lesson which will help you to prevent different mistakes and frustration in future. If you try hard and learn at every possible opportunity you definitely won’t be a failure. This terrible word will only stimulate your stress and despair, but you don’t need them. You’d better think of feedback which motivates you for growth.

Taking into consideration everything that was mentioned above, we can say that the words we use in our conversation with others are very important. They can make a great impact on our personality as well as on success and our mood. So, it is reasonable to control your vocabulary and pay more attention to the way you express your desires and plans. Your words can change people’s attitude to you in a moment. If you know any other words which should be avoided in every day usage you can tell us. We are looking forward to your comments!



Words You Should Stop Using