10 Most Thoughtful Gifts for Runners In Your Life

10 Most Thoughtful Gifts for Runners In Your Life : There are over 60 million runners in the U.S. at the moment. Do you know a runner in your life?

Running might not be the most expensive hobby or sport. But, you still need to buy equipment and prepare for your race.

If you’re wondering what you can get the runner in your life as a present, there are plenty of things to choose from.

Check out our ideas for gifts for runners below!

  1. Tracking With a Smart Watch

    Over 16% of Americans already have a smartwatch. Your runner friend will need to track how they’re doing if they’re going to develop as a sportsperson.

    Smartwatches are not only an amazing and handy device to have strapped to your wrist all the time. But, they are also an awesome way to support your training. You can monitor everything from your distance, speed and pulse rate with a smartwatch.

    There are numerous smartwatches available on the market. You need to select one within your budget that’s perfect for your friend.

  2. Comfortable Running Socks

    When you’re a runner, you find that you’re always needing new socks. You quickly experience the wear and tear of your socks.

    The runner in your life could always do with an extra pair of athletic sustainable socks. You can buy a pair with a special cushion for extra comfort.

    There are also water-resistant which allow your feet to sweat during the workout. This is great for any joggers that cannot avoid perspiring when doing exercise.

  3. Splurge on a Treadmill

    Do you have deep pockets to give your runner buddy a gift they’ll never forget?

    If you want to give them an awesome surprise, splurging the cash on a treadmill is an amazing way to endear yourself to his or her healthy heart.

    We know that people exercise less when the weather turns cold and rainy. Even the most driven runners struggle to keep up the habit.

    You can help to support your friend’s efforts with this expensive bit of equipment. Without a doubt, they’ll appreciate your help.

    Just make sure they have room for a huge piece of gym equipment.

  4. Journal for Running

    People who journal have been found to be healthier than the rest of us. But, what about runners who journal? Could you imagine a healthier bunch?

    If your friend is regularly running, they need to be able to keep track of any progress that they’re making.

    What distance do they run? How are they feeling mentally about an upcoming competition? Even motivational quotes that keep them going could help.

    There are dozens of things that your runner buddy may want to note down in a journal.

  5. A Warm Pair of Gloves

    You can’t only be a fair-weather runner. When it’s a sunny and warm day, it’s easy to go for a run around the park.

    But, what about waking up on a cold wintry morning during the week? That’s something else entirely.

    And yet, your runner friend probably has the motivation to drag themselves out of bed in the morning to go for a run.

    But, they need your help to be prepared for the cold conditions of winter jogging. You quickly get cold hands when you’re running in this kind of weather.

    Make sure you buy your jogging buddy wind resistant and hi-vis gloves so that they can enjoy warm gloves whatever the weather.

  6. Jogging Friendly Accessories

    When your jogging, you still want to look your best. Many people want to be able to wear sunglasses to keep the sun out of their eyes.

    You’ll have to think carefully about wearing any of these necklaces when your friend is running. But, there may be accessories that your runner can decorate themselves with while they’re on the track.

  7. Running Armband for Smartphone

    Over three-quarters of Americans have a smartphone. We’re nearly always playing on our phones.

    But, what about when we’re running? You can’t expect your runner buddy to leave the house without their smartphone.

    Yet, it’s not always easy to running up and down with the large device falling around everywhere. That’s why a running armband to keep your smartphone safe and secure is an amazing way to help your runner friend.

  8. Reusable Water Bottle

    Americans use up to one million plastic bottles per minute. Unfortunately, over 90% of which isn’t even recycled.

    Your runner friend may also want to be eco-friendly. But, you can’t escape the importance of staying hydrated during exercise.

    By buying them a reusable water bottle, you can help them to stop using plastic bottles whenever they work out.

  9. Hi-Vis Vests for Nighttime Runs

    As a runner, you have to be willing to run even in the dark. But, this could be dangerous if vehicles on the roads cannot see you.

    That’s why buying your friend a hi-vis vest could help them stay visible and safe when they’re running around the streets at night.

  10. Donate to Their Fundraiser

    Many runners are sponsored by charities all the time. The best gift you could give for a runner is to donate for their fundraiser.

    Check out your runner friend’s social media profile to find out who they’re being sponsored by in the upcoming race.

Ideas for Gifts for Runners

Are you running out of ideas for your jogging friend? It’s not always easy coming up with ideas to buy your friend.

Whether you can only afford a few dollars to donate to your runner friend’s fundraiser or if you prefer to kit them out with gym equipment, they’ll appreciate any of these gifts for runners.

Check out more tips to stay fit and healthy on our blog!





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10 Most Thoughtful Gifts for Runners In Your Life

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