10 tips to make a smart kitchen

10 tips to make a smart kitchen
10 tips to make a smart kitchen

10 tips to make a smart kitchen : It is said that kitchen is the heart of your home. It serves you and your family every day and on every occasion. But most of us suffer with a small size kitchen with lots of staffs in it. Today I am here to give you some tricks to make that small kitchen smarter for easier and efficient cooking experience. Let’s check:

  1. Don’t Buy too much kitchen appliances

    In this modern era where numerous electric appliances for kitchen are out there on online or store and we depend on these products. Of course these products save our time and also our effort. Staffs like mixer, juicer, blender, meat slicer, microwave oven, and toaster are the things that we can’t think of our cooking without those. But you should try to use less of them where you can do the task by hands or manual tools. It will save your cost and electricity bill as well. And most importantly the space of your kitchen

  2. Learn various uses of same cookware

    We don’t hesitate to buy different sized cookware for different food item. It is true we need to buy those and use as well. But to make kitchen smarter you have to learn various uses of a cookware. It will help you to reduce your effort to clean those staffs. Besides you can make cost efficient kitchen with ability to cook anything.

  3. Don’t dare to spare any space on your kitchen wall

    For a home maker the great wall of your life is kitchen wall. You must use it in the best way to hang the regular staffs from knives to spoons. The more efficiently you will use your wall the smarter the kitchen will be. You can try pegboard within low budget and with great facilities to hang various things with ease.

  4. Don’t buy Big furniture

    We often tend to buy big sized furniture like dining table or sink or staff like that for kitchen. But you shouldn’t waste much of your space by using big furniture in your kitchen. It is good to try smaller furniture. There is lots of good looking advanced designed furniture for kitchen in the market. You should try those.

  5. Decide wisely the size of refrigerator and Dishwasher

    Let’s talk about the about the refrigerator first and it’s really important. This kitchen staff occupies the most space in the kitchen. It will be best if you can manage to put this large thing on space by stealing some spaces from neighboring rooms that is connected with kitchen. Otherwise try to buy a medium sized fridge if you want to free up some space from kitchen.

    Another thing is dish washer. Try not to buy the bulkiest washer of the market just because it carries more dishes. You should buy one that is not much big in size but can washes good amount of dishes. Remember most of the time we can’t use the whole capacity of a washer. So decide wisely.

  6. You must remember cleaning completes the cooking

    We don’t really care about the kitchen until the cooking is finished. As a result when we come back to kitchen we find really hard to start cooking as the kitchen is not clean and we have to waste much time to clean that first. So from today follow this one rule which is cleaning is the last step of cooking any recipe. If you clean immediately after cooking, the kitchen will not be full of leftovers and germs. You will feel that your kitchen is really smart.

  7. Don’t adjust with the cooktops

    We know this is an expensive culinary staff in a kitchen. That’s why we often try to buy some cheap stoves. And it doesn’t really matter to us because all it needs to do is to heat.

    But this is wrong. I think if you want to make kitchen smarter you have go with the best cooktops in them market. It will directly affect your cooking experience by saving times. Most importantly operating the machines will be easier for you.

  8. Adding too much shelves is not always wise decision

    It is very common consideration of us to set as much shelves as possible in the kitchen. I know it is very important to keep various things like pots, bottle or staff like that for storing food on it. But setting more shelves will make the kitchen congested and you will not feel comfortable when cooking. So my suggestion is to build decent number of shelves in your kitchen

  9. Equip the kitchen with folded table

    Try to buy folded table if possible for eating in your kitchen. It will make possible to clean the kitchen easily. You can put that aside then you will feel free while cooking.

  10. Bring out the best use of your kitchen window

    Majority of us doesn’t utilize the window properly if there is any window in your kitchen. But we should use it for hanging culinary tools. Besides you can put flower vases on the window grills to have beautiful ambiance in your kitchen.


Some extra tips for pregnant women

This is a time where you can’t think of you own only. You are carrying a life which glorifies you as women. So you have to be more careful and conscious in this state. Here some special kitchen tips for you in your pregnancy:

  • You shouldn’t spend long time in kitchen. Always try to prepare foods that take less time. As you need more nutrition you need to prepare foods less in number but filled with nutrition. So choose those items that provide more nutrition but take less time to prepare.
  • Try to avoid heavy knives as much as you can. you should look for knife block set under 100 that weighs less but can be used for cutting meat or staff like with less effort.Make sure the floor isn’t wet and not slippery after the sweeping floor. Otherwise you will slip suddenly and the worst accident in life might occur.
  • Don’t use dirty staff at all. And it will be easy to clean staffs if you use less staffs. So try to finish the cooking by using couple of culinary tools


Well I believe the best person who can make your kitchen smart and convenient for easy cooking experience is only you because you know the best of your kitchen. I have just given some suggestions which you can learn from and implement by your own. Now find some delicious food recipes from various sites on internet and enjoy your kitchen time.


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10 tips to make a smart kitchen

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