11 Healthy ways to put your body into shape

11 Healthy ways to put your body into shape : It’s never too late to start working on your body. Of course, getting your body into shape comes with a lot of mental and physical benefits. However, it requires hard work and a strong will to finish what you started.

No matter what your reason is, finding the motivation to make healthy lifestyle changes can be difficult and making a habit out of it is even harder. After interviewing a few trainers, coaches and nutritionist we have gathered all the information that you need before starting your weight loss regime and to put your body into shape.

Here is what professional trainers and nutrition experts had to say about staying fit.

  1. Build Your Body Confidence with Strength Training Exercises

    Strength training allows you to maintain a healthy mind and body. It boosts your metabolism and helps your muscles burn more calories during the day.

    Strength training also helps in building lean muscle, improving athletic performance and strengthening your immune system. These factors combined help to maintain your desired weight and shape for a longer time.

    Weight lifting also improves psychological health by increasing self-confidence, your esteem, and self-worth.

  2. Say No to Fad Diets

    Starving yourself will eventually lead to going ‘off a diet’. So if you’re looking for long-lasting effects, give up on all kinds of fad diets, crazy gimmicks. On the other hand, don’t just eat salads this summer. Add more nutrients to your meals by including fruits, lean meat, nuts, whole wheat, and raw vegetables into your diet.

    Since you’re already strength training and burning more calories, your body may require extra protein.

    So without thinking too much, enjoy that lean meat like you would. However, don’t go overboard.

  3. Get a Good Night’s Sleep to Speed up Fat Loss

    Researchers at the Center for Health and Human Performance at Rutgers University reveal if you don’t get a good night’s sleep you’re giving growth hormones a chance to hit their peak.

    A good sleep is essential for both burning calories and building body mass. Plus it also helps in resisting cravings and making healthy decisions when your brain and body are both well rested.

    Not being able to sleep well at night often leads to weight gain. Professional trainers suggest to have dinner by 7 pm and hit snooze by 10 pm.

  4. Appreciate your Body

    Stop criticizing the way you look. Also, stop complaining to friends and family about how bloated you feel and want to look like Victoria’s Secret model. That’s right. Stop right now.

    Being critical about your own body type and obsessing over how amazing a certain model looks, is unhealthy and demoralizing.

    If you continue to bash yourself and not value your imperfections, you will never be a happy person. Loving your body type and accepting the way you are is the first step to stay in shape. The rigorous exercise and workouts can then be used to enhance your curves.

  5. Find Your People

    A group of people who support you and your goals is essential to your well-being. Most of the times it’s not about the people who support you, but the people who will help you achieve your goals.

    Find people to whom you can communicate your goal to, and who will help you fight all the hurdles. To be specific, find a gym partner willing to see you grow and help you throughout the process.

    Give up unhealthy eating habits and focus on a healthy diet, a healthy workout and a healthy and positive vibe.

  6. Waist Training

    Many people hope to achieve the desired waistline or at least ‘trim’ the one they already have. Waist training is the newest and trendiest way to get your waist in shape.

    Trainers can be used anywhere and any time of the day, but it’s important to keep 3 things in mind while using one;
    1) use a good quality waist trainer.
    2) Exercise regularly.
    3) Make healthy eating a part of your lifestyle.

  7. Take One Small Step at a Time

    Instead of obsessing over a vegan or ketosis diet and depriving yourself of carbs, try implementing small lifestyle changes that will be more effective.

    Research shows that those who focus on small and steady changes in their lifestyle make better decisions and stay in control of their lives.

  8. Exercise Regularly

    You never train for a marathon right away, so going easy and slow is suggested by trainers for people who are just trying to maintain their body shape. Remember, doing too much at once is bad for you.

    Regular exercise will help you stay fit both mentally and physically. Exercise releases endorphins that further improves your metabolism and fastens the process of burning fat in your body.

    Even if you can’t make it to the gym, make sure you are on your feet most of the time. Even a 30-minute brisk walk daily and walking up the stairs is enough to keep you in shape. In this case you can also have your personal gym at home. You can find various Fitness Equipment Suppliers who can arrange all the equipment needed to build a custom gym at your home. Many of the suppliers even offer used gym equipment at reasonable prices, which will not cause more burden of buying new expensive equipment.

  9. Don’t compare yourself to others

    It is okay to sign up for healthy competition with your gym buddies but what’s not healthy is letting it take over you and your mind.

    Understand that all bodies are different. People come in all shapes and sizes, with different metabolisms, and capabilities.

    Your only competition should be yourself. Keep track of your progress and if you’re doing better than what you were doing last week, last month or last year, then you’re already halfway there to achieve your goals.

  10. Play Sports

    If you want to maintain your current weight, don’t join a gym. Instead, taking active part in a sport will help you stay in shape.

    When you become an active member of a sports club or a team, you not only lose weight but also make a few new friends along the way.

  11. Do Fun Things

    One thing that all experts share in common is to that they do what makes them happy. Be it running, strength training or just healthy eating.


According to research, you should be focusing more on aerobic exercises and strength training supported by a well-balanced diet. And even if you have achieved your goal, make sure you still have something fun to look forward to.


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11 Healthy ways to put your body into shape

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