3 Reasons to Consult with Sports Medicine Specialists

3 Reasons to Consult with Sports Medicine Specialists
3 Reasons to Consult with Sports Medicine Specialists

3 Reasons to Consult with Sports Medicine Specialists : Whether you are a professional athlete looking for peak performance or a summer league softball player trying to care for a recent injury, you will find that sports medicine can help you be at the top of your game. By focusing on the treatment of athletes, these specialists can help you recover from injuries and offer the rehabilitation services you need.

An athlete’s body undergoes extreme stresses when you are involved in rigorous training programs and highly competitive sports. Constant wear and tear on your body can result in problems that need to be addressed and handled with care. A team of sports medicine specialists can join together to correctly diagnose your injuries or disorders and also provide the physical therapy, innovative medical services and nutritional programs you need.

Primary Types of Sports Injuries

When you are involved in intense workout regimens and athletic events, you really take a toll on your body and will experience physical problems along the way. Sports injuries fall into one of two categories, acute or chronic.

Acute injuries occur suddenly while you are in the process of competing, doing hard training or even just working out at a less intense level. You may not even notice them initially since your body is producing cortisol and adrenaline at the time. Signs of a problem include severe pain or swelling, inability to put weight on the area or move normally and even dislocated bones.

Chronic injuries are caused by repetitive movement, strain or motion over time. Shin splints and tennis elbow are two examples of these. You’ll know these problems exist because you will have chronic pain when you exercise or engage in athletics, experience tenderness and swelling and will have an ever-present dull pain when you rest.

Specialized and Highly Skilled Team

When you need to be evaluated or treated for an athletic injury, it helps to have the care and expertise of a specialized and highly skilled team. These medical professionals are not only trained in their specific disciplines but also have years of experience and deep knowledge that lets them come up with the best treatment and rehabilitation plan for you.

An integrated team will involve physicians who are specifically trained in sports medicine, physical therapists, massage therapists, trainers and even orthopedic surgeons. They understand the full range of impacts that high-performance workouts and competitive sports have on your body. In addition to helping your current injury heal, they are also experts in rehabilitation and preventive care.

Treatment of Sports Injuries

For basic sports stresses and injuries, the first level of treatment is to protect the area with wraps or bandages that help limit further tissue damage. From there you can apply the RICE protocol of rest, icing on and off for one to three days, compression and elevation. Some problems also respond to immersion baths in alternating hot and ice-cold water.

If you need enhanced treatment from your team of sports medicine specialists, you can rely on them to help you heal and to also develop a comprehensive rehabilitation strategy. They can guide you with all important decisions about when you can return to the athletic field. With their specialized experience, they are also knowledgeable about advanced treatments such as stem cell and platelet-rich plasma therapies.

Whether you are a professional athlete, long-distance runner or summer league softball participant, you should seek out the care of sports medicine specialists whenever you are injured or experiencing chronic pain. These experts can quickly diagnose the problem and offer the rehabilitation services you need to heal quickly and get back to the activities you love.






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3 Reasons to Consult with Sports Medicine Specialists

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