3 Ways a Fitness Ball Can Improve a Woman’s Strength

3 Ways a Fitness Ball Can Improve a Woman’s Strength : Having a ball can mean a lot of things to different people. But if you’re a health nut, only two words come to mind: fitness ball.

The fitness ball, also known to many as an exercise ball or a swiss ball, is a bouncy large vinyl ball you usually see at the gym or rehabilitation centers. It’s a versatile workout tool that’s easy to maintain and doesn’t take up too much space. Some even have it at home or in the office to encourage a little workout here and there.

Women especially stand to gain more benefits from fitness balls. These balls are the highly recommended exercise tool for pregnant women. These can provide reliable support to women when executing awkward positions and give rhythm for the gentle, bouncy movements.

There are more ways than one that can make women stronger and healthier with a fitness ball. Here are a few quick details you should know.

Great Balance

When you do a conventional bicep curl on the fitness ball, it turns into a full-body workout. Stimulating the muscles in your pelvis, abdomen, and lower back will pave the way for better movement and control. The constant engagement of these muscle groups can lead to better posture and overall workout stance.

Trainers are always keen on adding fitness balls to reps because these tools tend to keep exercise things more interesting. It keeps you from doing the same workout over and over.

When different muscles are engaged at the same time, you’ll get the blood flowing through and gain overall control. It allows the body to find its own buoyancy and promotes staying balanced while bouncing on the ball. In most cases, the stomach muscles do most of the legwork in keeping the body straightened and in a neutral position.

Get Killer Abs

Not straying far from the stomach area is the abdomen. The act of sitting on a fitness ball alone can engage most of the core body muscles. Holding the body in an upright position and maintaining balance can give you enough traction to gain killer abs.

With the right amount of repetition and length of time, you’ll be building up and hitting the right targets on your stomach. A basic sitting position on a fitness ball requires you to stay on the center with both feet on the ground.

Adjust your stance to shoulder width or more, based on what you find comfortable. With this position, you’ll feel your abdomen tightening up and getting tensed the longer you remain on the ball. You can do this exercise even while you’re working on a desk in the office or at home.

Stronger Back

Lower back pains are caused by multiple factors. Back pains can be tempered with varying relievers, like muscle tapes or doctor-prescribed medicines. But for strains that are caused by past injuries, therapists or trainers often use fitness balls for strengthening and rehabilitative purposes.

Because of the way fitness balls are designed, they do not bear too much weight on the spine area and its surrounding muscle groups. It can realign the joints in a way that doesn’t put too much pressure on the spinal cord and helps it loosen up the stiffness. Before going through the motions of the ball, consult a physician first to avoid aggravating the injured area.

Other Ideas

What make the fitness ball so popular are the variation and the fun element it brings to any health program. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or bulking up your muscle mass, these balls are known to take strength and core training to a whole new level.

What makes it versatile is its varying levels of use. You can make a workout session harder by adding tricky movements on an unstable surface. Using the ball can increase the intensity of your repetitions and make them even more complicated.

Your standard sit-ups can hit more hard-to-reach surrounding muscle groups by simply doing sit-ups with the fitness ball. Some basic exercises, like squats, can start feeling like a mundane routine if you’ve been doing them for so long. Adding the ball to the mix will give you a whole new perspective in doing them.





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3 Ways a Fitness Ball Can Improve a Woman’s Strength

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