4 Essential Items for a Home Gym for Females

4 Essential Items for a Home Gym for Females : While there is nothing better than trying out a new workout class or having a serious sweat session with a trainer, there are a lot of benefits to being able to exercise at home.

Not only does having a small home gym setup make it easier for you to fit in regular exercise times, but it also means that you can play your music, save time, effort and money, and control what types of exercises you do each day.

However, to get all the benefits, it’s best to invest in a few pieces of quality gym equipment. To help you decide on which items you need, read on for four essential items for a home gym for females.

  1. Resistance Bands

    Without a doubt, one of the most versatile items you can have in your home gym is a set of resistance bands. These are essential items because they don’t take up much space yet can be used to work out your entire body. In fact, by doing a range of moves with your resistance bands, you can easily simulate most machine-based strength moves.

    To get the most use out of this piece of equipment, look to purchase a pack that has bands with varying levels of resistance. This way, you can use the lighter ones for arm exercises and heavier ones for butt, hip, and leg exercises.

  2. Exercise Ball

    Another piece of affordable but effective equipment with a wide range of uses, an exercise ball is indeed an essential piece for any home gym. By incorporating it into your workout, you will quickly see how it can be used to strengthen all sections of your body and push you to get the most out of your time spent exercising.

    With an exercise ball, you can do crunches, lift it like a weight, or sit on at your desk to adjust your posture. Using an exercise ball in your workouts will generate more instability, forcing your muscles to work harder. Just make sure to look for one that has a firm grip and strong construction for excellent control.

  3. Abs Bench

    If you are like most people, then you know that core strength is one of the most important aspects of fitness, but you probably also know that you aren’t doing enough to increase yours.

    By having an abs bench in your home gym, you can be assured that you have the equipment necessary to take your core strength to the next level. Not to mention that it will provide you with padded back support, thereby decreasing the risk of injury.

    Generally, ab benches come equipped with three incline positions, enabling you to perform a medley of core- and back-strengthening exercises. The versatility of the bench (thanks to its adjustability) will help you to get the necessary efficiency in your workout. However, if you want to push yourself more, opt to incorporate dumbbells or medicine balls into your abs bench routine.

  4. Foam Roller

    After your hard workout session (using all the above pieces of equipment), it is then necessary to give your body some post-workout care. The best way to do this is by using a foam roller which will help to relieve your sore muscles and decrease tension and knots in your muscles, notably if you just completed high-intensity training.


Furthermore, you can use a foam roller for strengthening and flexibility exercises to ensure you are pushing your body enough.

With your foam roller, you can give a little bit of (well-deserved) extra love to your back, calves, hamstrings, and glutes. If you opt to buy gym fitness equipment online, then make sure to add a foam roller to the cart – your body will thank you for it!

Do you like to go to studios for your regular workouts, or do you like the idea of being able to exercise at home?

Are you starting to build a home gym, or do you have any other pieces of equipment that you think are essential?

Let us know your tips, tricks, and thoughts in the comments below!


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Kelvin Garner is the founder of Garner General Trading, a one-stop solution for all fitness needs in the UAE. The Garner team have put many years into sourcing a high-quality and affordable range of home and commercial gym equipment. From selecting the right equipment for your personal needs and space available, to the professional setup in your home, Garner General Trading is there each step of the way.





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4 Essential Items for a Home Gym for Females

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