5 Reasons Why You Need to Prioritize Your Physical and Mental Wellbeing

5 Reasons Why You Need to Prioritize Your Physical and Mental Wellbeing : Only five percent of all the people on Earth are free from health problems. The majority of people suffer from some type of mental or physical health trouble.

Everyone handles their problems differently, so it’s impossible to quantify the severity of the trouble.

With so many people suffering, it is still difficult to find a remedy that can ease both mental and physical issues.

A lot of people are finding success in hemp extracts known as cannabidiol. CBD can be taken orally by mouth or applied topically, such as CBD cream with organic olive oil.

Make Self-Care a Priority

CBD is a treatment option, it’s not a cure. It’s meant to alleviate the symptoms and disruption that many mental and physical ailments cause. Another way to alleviate the pain is by routinely engaging in self-care. ‘Self-care‘ is a buzzword that simply means: take care of yourself.

Self-care activities are wide-ranging and highly specific to each individual. Adult coloring was a trendy self-care activity for a while, though it seems to be fading out for more organic interests.

Regardless of the endeavor, self-care should be relaxing, soothing and self-centered (in a good way.)

5 Mental and Physical Benefits of Practicing Self-Care

Mentally and physically, life is often like juggling razor blades and trying not to get nicked. Everyone has baggage and stress than can weigh them down. However, how much weight they can bear varies from person to person and no one should be ashamed of not being able to carry too much.

One way to offset the weight is to prioritize your mental and physical wellbeing. Here are 5 reasons why you should start today.

  1. You’ll have less stress.

    Stress can take both a mental and a physical toll. Stress is often connected to anxiety, weight fluctuation and a myriad of medical issues.

  2. You’ll have more energy.

    There’s a great meme making its rounds on the internet comparing our self-care level to the battery in a phone. The implication being that we should recharge ourselves as often as we recharge our phones.

  3. You’ll be less depressed.

    Another common side effect of stress is depression, which often causes low energy. Mental health issues are often interconnected to the point that if you treat one issue (stress,) you inadvertently reduce another symptom (depression.)

  4. You’ll sleep better.

    Sure, we spent most of our childhoods rejecting sleep and keeping it at bay, but we didn’t know any better. Lack of sleep can make other mental and physical issues even worse, resulting in insomnia. It’s a vicious cycle that can be broken with regularly scheduled self-care.

  5. You’ll live longer.

    In many cases, physical issues are a manifestation of poor mental health. For example, stress is known to cause high blood pressure, which causes heart disease, the leading cause of death in the United States.


You Can’t Take Care of Anyone Else Until You Take Care of Yourself

Many people – particularly caretakers of young children – are too busy focusing on their children’s wellbeing that they lose sight of their own.

It may feel selfish to take that spa day or go to the gym, or whatever your preferred brand of self-care is. But the truth is you’re doing your kids and other responsibilities a favor by taking care of yourself first.






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5 Reasons Why You Need to Prioritize Your Physical and Mental Wellbeing

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