6 Tips for Finding Fantastic Christmas Gifts on a Budget

6 Tips for Finding Fantastic Christmas Gifts on a Budget : Well, the festive season is starting to show itself again. Retail stores, particularly toy stores, are starting to count down the number of weeks until the big day.

With every other event going on, do you feel as if a massive hole has suddenly appeared in your wallet? Yet you want to get the most fantastic gift for everyone.

Well don’t worry readers, for here are my six tips for finding all those fantastic presents on a minimalist budget.


1. Shop online:

Yes, the option of the web is prominent in the minds of many nowadays, what with the simple act of being able to purchase holiday ecards or gifts at the touch of a button.

It is true that online has now become not only the easiest, but also the most inexpensive way to buy goods. This is what makes it so great for those of us wanting to be a bit more frugal in our purchases.

Some great Christmas gift ideas for the family can be those such as the “What I love about you” fill in the blanks journal at under $20, as a personalised gift for your partner.

Alternatively, if you want to involve the whole family, there are trivia card games at under $10.


2. Opportunity/Thrift Shop:

You know what they say, “Waste not, want not.” Your community opportunity/thrift store can be a treasure trove for saving on your Christmas shopping.

Quite often, depending on your store, you can pick up a toy for your child for loose change, which may have cost five times as much in store.

According to Business Insider, Australians spent “a mammoth 21.billion last year, with a 6% increase in toy sales between November and December.”

Donations can be prevalent leading up to the festive season. Pre – loved items can be just as good as new, and everyone loves a bargain!


3. Look to their interests:

Look at your family’s interests and see how you can get them something that won’t blow the entire budget.

This can be especially helpful, as it may be something they need. Say your partner likes to do handy jobs around the house. They may need a new drill for their toolkit.

Perhaps your son plays soccer. There may be a new pair of cleats he needs.


4. Make it yourself:

When it comes to Christmas presents, we often remember the most heartfelt gifts.

Does the thought of your kids giving a handmade card when they were little bring back memories?

Well often, the best budget gifts are those we make ourselves. If you’re a person who’s into arts and crafts, Lifehacker has steps on how to create an advent calendar and the material won’t cost a lot.


5. Set a limit:

It often becomes awkward if you end up spending more money on one person than on someone else.

When trying to cut costs in your Christmas shopping, it can be good to set a limit and stick to it. If you have a goal to spend only a certain amount on each person, it will help to manage this.

It will not only draw focus to what you need to spend, but allow you to think about what gift suits the person.


6. The simple gestures:

Stores bombard us so much with material gift buying this time of year, that we forget that the smallest things can really be the best budget savers.

From a complimentary back rub to their choice of movie, complete with homemade popcorn, these gifts can mean the most.

Greatist.com has a bunch of ideas that you can do that cost next to nothing to your wallet.

Now there are my six tips for finding fantastic Christmas gifts on a budget.

Merry Christmas!





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6 Tips for Finding Fantastic Christmas Gifts on a Budget


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