6 Unique Ways To Break A Bad Habit

6 Unique Ways To Break A Bad Habit

6 Unique Ways To Break A Bad Habit : Bad habits have the potential to affect your mental and physical health, and can prevent you from achieving your full potential in life. No matter what your bad habit looks like, being able to break it will prevent you from wasting valuable time and energy.

Breaking a bad habit is rarely easy. When you practice something often enough, it becomes embedded in your memory, and suddenly, life without that habit feels lacking.

If you feel like you’ve tried everything to break a bad habit, here are some unique methods to attempt going forward:

  1. Replace the bad habit with something else

    There are plenty of ways to replace a bad habit with a better option. Perhaps instead of calling for your third takeaway in the week, you can make your own healthier take on your favorite food. If you’re trying to quit smoking, which can lead to COPD and other nasty health problems, you can try chewing gum or sucking on a piece of candy instead of reaching for a cigarette.

  2. Cut out your trigger places

    Many of our bad habits take place in our own homes, but there are certain places that encourage bad habits more than others. If you want to reduce your alcohol consumption, for example, hitting up your favorite bar wouldn’t be a good idea. Equally, if you want to curb a shopping addiction, stay away from the mall to avoid temptation.

  3. Pair up with a mate

    If you’re trying to quit a bad habit, chances are, someone else is on exactly the same mission as you. Common bad habits, like eating a high amount of unhealthy foods, smoking, wasting time on your phone, drinking too much alcohol or caffeine, and watching too much TV, are all things that many of us want to quit. Find a friend to offer that much-needed encouragement along your journey.

  4. Surround yourself with the right people

    You can try your hardest to cut out a bad habit, but if you’re surrounded by people who practice the habit themselves, you’ll find it much more difficult to quit. These people can pose a particular problem if they try to encourage you to continue a habit while you’re attempting to oppose it. Friends can influence your mood and behavior, so you need to find friends who already live how you’d like to live to help you stay motivated.

  5. Tackle the cause of the issue

    A number of bad habits probably wouldn’t exist if we just tackled their cause. For most of us, stress plays a role in our bad habits – we’re more likely to crave a sugary high, a caffeine boost or a shot of nicotine if we’re stressed. Work on physically and mentally calming yourself and you’ll find you’re less inclined to practice a bad habit.

  6. Plan to fail

    Change the way you view failure. Instead of slipping up once and thinking, “Oh, well, I may as well give in to my old ways”, remind yourself that you’re only human, and one slip-up doesn’t mean the end. Instead of beating yourself up, or giving in altogether, accept that the slip-up happened and move on.







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6 Unique Ways To Break A Bad Habit

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