9 Hair Care Tips for Fitness Buffs

9 Hair Care Tips for Fitness Buffs : 60.87 million Americans have a fitness center or a health club membership.

Staying in shape is a critical part of modern day living. With the increasingly sedentary lifestyle, many Americans find the gym helpful in rejuvenating their bodies.

One thing that haunts many who go to the gym is taking care of their hair. When you exercise, you work up a sweat. That sweat consists of salt and other impurities that your hair absorbs. This could damage it.

This article will detail nine post-workout hair care tips.

  1. Mini-Wash

    A sensitive scalp can become more irritated after a workout. The salt present within the sweat is what triggers the irritation and you, therefore, need to avoid it building up.

    After a sweaty session at the gym, try washing just the roots as a way to eliminate any salt build up.

    To do this without getting a full wash, tie your hair into a ponytail or bun after your workout. Cover most of the hair in a shower cap.

    Using a sink or the shower, wet the roots and wash around the hairline with a little shampoo. Once you are done, you can rinse it out without getting the area under the elastic wet.

  2. Hair Masks

    If you love hitting the gym, you will find hair masks to be invaluable. But for you to benefit from a mask, you must do it right.

    Before you tie your hair back, apply your treatment mask, and comb it in from the hair tip to the root. Thereafter, pull your hair into a bun, braid, or a ponytail and get your session going.

    The sweat from the exercise will mingle with your hair and dry it unless you take measures to avoid that.

    Applying the hair mask before exercising protects your hair from the effect of sweat. The mask locks in the moisture into your hair strands. The heat your produce when exercising also helps the mask lock the moisture.

    Once you are through with the gym, you can wash out the mask and air-dry your hair. Alternatively, you can slick it back into a ponytail until when you are able to rinse it out.

  3. Blast Cold Air with a Blow-Dryer

    Your blowdryer has a cold-air setting. Turn it onto this setting and give your hair a few short blasts of cold air while drying it.

    Note that you should not consistently use the cold air to dry the hair. If you do so, you will end up making your strands become greasy. Just a few blasts will do.

    Once your hair is completely dry, you can style it (try this hair pomade for excellent results) and then use the cold air in sections to set your look.

  4. Hair Tonic

    Sometimes you may have time to shower after hitting the gym but don’t plan on getting your hair wet.

    At such times, you can spray your hair with an astringent hair tonic. Allow the steam from the shower to enable the tonic to penetrate your hair without having to rinse it.

    The tonic’s job is to break down excess sweat and sebum without water. Thus, it will give your hair a deep clean with no rinsing necessary.

    Once you are done you can completely blow-dry your hair and then style it as you normally do.

  5. Dry Shampoo

    When you are not in a position to hop into the shower after going to the gym then you can use dry shampoo to clean your hair.

    To apply dry shampoo, aim and spray it at the roots. Instead of rubbing it in with your hands after spraying you should blast it with a blow dryer.

    Be careful to not use dry shampoo on wet hair or it will solidify. Wait for your hair to dry first. Alternatively, you can blow dry it before using the dry shampoo.

  6. Blast it on Your Hair

    Another option for you if hitting the shower after going to the gym is not an option is using a blow dryer to refresh your hair.

    Once you are done working out, aim the air current at the back of your neck. Continue moving it around the hairline for around five minutes to dry up the sweat.

    You can then apply cream or a few drops of silicon styling serum on the hair framing your face. Once again, let some warm air pass over that hair to give it luster.

  7. Avoid the Hair Tie

    Like most other people you might be in the habit of tying up your hair with an elastic tie once you are done with the gym.

    That is bad for your hair.

    Wet hair is more susceptible to damage. In light of this fact, you should skip the elastic hair tie and instead let your hair out to dry before styling it.

  8. Hair Detangling Spray

    Does your hair tend to get all tied up in knots after you wash it? Then you need to use a hair detangler once you step out of the shower after your workout.

    Dry your hair with a towel after washing it until most of the moisture is gone then spray the hair detangler. You can then use a wide-toothed comb to gently untangle any knots.

  9. Brush Your Hair to Stimulate Natural Oils

    One of the healthy hair tips for post work out hair is brushing it to take advantage of the natural oils present.

    Brushing your hair will break up any congestion at the root. Consequently, the natural oils can then flow to the middle and ends of each strand.

    In the end, your hair will become better hydrated.

Hair Care Tips to Deal with Post Work-Out Hair

Many people go to the gym to stay fit and combat the effects of a sedentary lifestyle. However, you need to learn how to best care for your hair to avoid wrestling with post-work-out hair issues.

Sweat that results from workouts can lead to the drying of hair which can make it prone to breakage.

Want to look and feel good? Keep reading our blog for more hair care tips.





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9 Hair Care Tips for Fitness Buffs

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