A Guide to Build Your Own Yoga Room on Budget

A Guide to Build Your Own Yoga Room on Budget : If you have just started doing yoga, everything may seem a little complicated. You are unaware of how it actually works. You are not even sure what right equipment do you need to get started. As the yoga industry is growing every year, you might even be inclined to spend a lot of money on clothing and equipment.

But do you really need to spend a lot?

It turns out, you don’t. In fact, you need very little to start. And the great news is that you can even build your own yoga room without having to spend thousands of dollars.

How? Let’s see

Salient features of a basic yoga room

Building your own yoga room is something you can achieve quite easily. However, you are going to need some essential equipment, including:

  • Clothing

    A lot of yoga studios out there with something specific for you to wear. But you do not always need to wear branded yoga gear. But you should have that one pair of comfortable athletic clothing they wear when going hiking or jogging. You may have it too. You can start doing yoga by wearing those clothes. If you don’t already have it, then you can buy it from a local store or online. Considering the growing yoga industry, it is very easy for you to find functional yoga apparel.

  • Yoga mat

    One of the essential items you must have before you build your yoga room is a yoga mat. It is something you must have seen in yoga studios and gyms.

    Also called a sticky mat, a yoga mat helps you mark your personal space. Another function it performs is that it saves you from slipping. As you know, yoga can be an exhausting experience for some, and they may start sweating too. Hence, yoga mat creates traction for your hands and feet and saves you from slipping.

    High-quality yoga mats can cost somewhere between 80 to $120. You may find it cheaper as well.

  • Straps

    Sometimes during yoga, you may have to perform things you normally don’t do. And one of those things is holding onto your feet. You would need to stay still for some time while also holding your feet the entire time.

    One such pose is called Paschimottanasana. Since this is not something you can easily do, you need yoga straps for this. You can wrap the strap around the bottom of your feet and then hold on to the strap. Instead of slumping forward, with the strap, you will be able to keep your back flatly maintained.

  • Activity wall mirror

    Activity wall mirror
    Activity wall mirror

    A lot of people think that the gym wall mirror in a yoga room is only to capture great photos and upload them on Instagram. That is not true.

    Once you see yourself performing challenging yoga poses in an exercise mirror, it boosts your performance. It encourages you to try better and put more effort into your poses.

    Some yoga poses can be challenging at first. You might not even try them. But once you see yourself performing them in the gym wall mirror under gym neon sign, you would want to try even harder ones next time.

Recommended placement of equipment in yoga room

Organized brings inner peace, thus try keeping your yoga room equipment in a specific space. The proper placement also brings positive vibes to your yoga room and keeps equipment working for a long time.

  • Clothing: There is no special place for you to keep your yoga clothing. A separate cupboard is a nice idea where you can keep your yoga clothes separate from your everyday clothes.
  • Yoga mat: Most of the people going to yoga studios have a bag where they store their yoga mats. They roll it up lengthwise, and then keep it in their bags. But since you will be using it in your yoga room, it is better to either hang it somewhere or just lay it flat on the ground.
  • Yoga strap: Yoga straps are durable enough to be stored just about anywhere. Just remember not to store them in dark spaces with moisture in the air, especially if you have just cleaned them.
  • Gym wall mirror: A gym wall mirror should be installed on such a wall where natural light falls. This will not only give you a clear image of yourself, but it also illuminates the entire room. Thus, you would feel more energized.
  • Neon signs: Neon signs for room are a cool and original way to decorate your space. The attraction of neon signage is special. They always draw attention and leave a lasting impression.

Major distractions that must be removed from the yoga room

Just creating a yoga room is not enough. You need to make sure it does not have any distractions to have a peaceful and reviving yoga session.

One of the key factors to the success of a yoga studio is the ambience and one of the best ways to create a relaxing atmosphere is through lighting.

A few scattered faux candles around the perimeter of the room, or if you are an “Insta” poster, an inspiring LED wall sign can be very photogenic.

So, make sure to remove any distractions from your yoga room, such as:

  • Technical devices: You do yoga for the peace of their mind and body. So, it is better to steer clear from all the technical devices that eat up most of your time when you are not doing yoga. This could be a smartphone, a laptop, or any other such device.
  • Control noise and distraction: Socializing with other people in a yoga room is not something anyone should do. Everything has a time and place. A yoga room is not the right place for socializing and making new friends. You can do that once the session is over.
  • Anxiety: You are doing yoga to feed your body and your mind. When you are on your yoga mat, the only person that you should be thinking about is you. Don’t let random thoughts and outside noises get entered during your session. Let everything else go and focus on yourself.

The least budget that initially takes to do the job

Necessities required for a yoga room
Necessities required for a yoga room

Since you are starting everything in your room, the initial cost would not be that high. You will need to invest in some basic things, including a mat, some clothes, straps, a gym wall mirror, and other optional equipment. The budget depends on how much you spend buying the items, as mentioned earlier.

All the necessities required for a yoga room are not expensive. Each of them may cost you anywhere between 10 to $100. You can save some extra bucks by DIY. For instance, install a gym wall mirror yourself.

Building your DIY yoga room is not a hard job and you can do it easily. Just remember to go slow, considering you are just starting. The steps you take don’t need to be big; they just have to take you in the right direction.







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A Guide to Build Your Own Yoga Room on Budget

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