Alternative Devices for Making Coffee

Alternative Devices for Making Coffee
Alternative Devices for Making Coffee

Alternative Devices for Making Coffee : These days a mug of tasty coffee drink can be prepared in one hit of a button. Java-making machines prepare barista-grade drinks with no mess and hassle. However, a lot of coffee lovers don’t have java makers in their kitchens.

Also, they may have no ability to go to a coffee shop to get the required dose of joy. If the problem is actual for you, scroll down below and read about alternative devices for brewing fresh and tasty java.


It is a unique and convenient tool for preparing dark java rapidly. It is a beaker-type vessel with a wooden coating in the center for convenient use. The device needs to use a special filter. Utilizing this device, you have to get medium-fine coffee powder. Then, you should put the filter, add ground beans, and pour heated water.

French Press

Almost anyone has this device in their kitchen. Well, it can be utilized for preparing great black java. Combine heated water with coffee powder and expect five minutes to get it brewed.

Anyway, it’s recommended to put the coffee powder first and add a splash of boiling water. In one minute, add all the water, close the lid and push the plunger to drink your java.


It is a tool for hassle-free and single-serve java brewing. It consists of a body, plunger, and filer. You have to put the body of a mug, add the coffee powder with heated water. Then, you should stir the drink, place the plunger, and press it. The air will force the water to pass through the filter to settle down in the mug. Filters need to be wasted as they are disposable. It’s recommended to use durable mugs if you can apply excessive pressure on them.

Drip Cone

It is the cheapest and most simple device for brewing java. Having a drip cone, you have to put it on the top of a mug, put a filter into the tool, and add coffee. Then, you should add heated water slowly. Finally, expect a few minutes while coffee is dropping into your cup.

Moka Pot

It is stovetop equipment for preparing dark, full-bodied coffee. The tool is made of two detachable parts. First of all, you will be required to add water to the base part. Coffee should be added into a separate section. Then attach the top part and heat the device.

The force produced by steam into the base part pushes heated water to the head through the powder. The brewing should be monitored and interrupted when the head part is full.

Pod-Based Java Maker

It is one of the best coffee makers under 100 dollars. A pod-based java maker can prepare a lot of different drinks without the mess. All that you will need to do is to choose a pre-prepared drink pod and load it into a java maker. Then, the device will make a mug of tasty coffee upon a click.

Even though the pod-based maker may seem an affordable solution for java lovers, it has one drawback. The pods are disposable. Therefore, if you like drinking more than two cups of java a day, you will be required to spend a lot of money on pre-prepared pods.

Turkish Coffee Pot

Using a Turkish coffee pot is a traditional java brewing technique. A pot has a simple design but helps brew great java. You will need to mix ground seeds and water into the pot and put it on a stove. When small bubbles turn into foam, you need to put the pot out of the stove and pour your drink into cups. Don’t serve for a few minutes to let the ground settle to the bottom.

Cowboy Coffee Pot

It is an old-fashioned tool for brewing java that is a perfect solution for preparing java in a camp. For starters, you need to heat water in a pot. When it boils, remove the pot from the fire and leave it for a few minutes. Then, add coffee powder and stir. Leave to the pot for five minutes to let the grounds sink.

Portable Coffee Maker

It is a forward-looking device designed for travelers and busy java lovers. It has a form of a bottle that can prepare coffee on demand. Since water reservoirs and batteries are small, a portable java maker can brew one or two java portions. Then, the device has to be charged. Also, users need to pour water and new ground coffee.

Interesting Fact about Coffee

Did you know that coffee is a fruit? Coffee pods are seeds that are extracted and processed in different ways. Coffee cherries grow on trees and get harvested by machines or manually. Then, seeds got extracted by a de-pulping machine, processed, and roasted to be ready for grinding and brewing. People can consume pitted cherries as well.






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Alternative Devices for Making Coffee

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