Are You Dedicated for Losing Weight?

Are You Dedicated for Losing Weight? This is indeed one of the most commonly asked questions, with most people having ventured out with the will to lose weight to only end up feeling frustrated and unmotivated to follow on the earlier made commitments in regards to achieving the desired body weight.

This can often be as a result of a lot of a factors starting from not doing enough research to ensure optimum results to just plain out not having the discipline or drive to follow through on the formulated plan. Losing weight is a lot more like enrolling into Fort-Collins drug and alcohol detox, desire to make change has to be eminent.

Worry not, for this article is designed to guide you through tried and proven steps to ensure the set goals in regards to weight loss is achieved.

Determine A Clear Cut Decision as To Why You Want To Lose Weight

It might sound insignificant but over time it has been proven time and again that unless the decision to embark on a mission to lose weight, should be a personal one not to be taken lightly since if not properly motivated it is very possible to give up on the whole exercise.

This can be a variety of things but emotional desire is a very important factor to all this say for instance the desire to prolong once life expectancy by avoiding certain life style influenced diseases such as diabetes or hypertension, the desire to see your children grow to an advanced age, the ability to fit into a suite or dress you’ve had your eyes on, or simply to feel fit and light on your feet whatever you trigger it has got to be self-driven otherwise it easy to fall off the wagon whenever something doesn’t go according to plan.

N.B: One thing to remember with no element of compromise should be the fact that if a decision is made to lose weight it should be all about you and not for another individual or individuals

Formulate a Plan

This is as vital as any dietary or exercising routine one will adopt, with the reason being formulating a plan gives you a starting point and the desired weight that one hopes to attain.

It’s crucial to ensure that whatever plan is derived is not too over ambitious and should be realistically attainable.

The plan should entail how much weight one hopes to lose on a two weekly basis, specific regimens geared to ensure this comes to fruition, foresee possible obstacles along the way and how best to tackle them to ensure the desired weight is at the end obtained.

This eliminates the possibility of one feeling smug or disgruntled along the way and stopping before one had hoped to acquire.

Once a plan has been drafted it should be put down on paper or back it up on your phone as this ensures it becomes a part of your extension, ingrained in your memory so that over time it becomes clock-work.


This is a vital part towards ensuring attaining the set goals and as such meticulous attention should be taken in putting together an exercise plan specifically designed to your body, keeping in mind that no one body is ever the same to another, essentially the point being you should not look at your neighbors, friends, families etc. Exercise plan and take it up as your own.

When exercising there are four important factors to consider:

Creating a habit

Get to work out up to five or six days a week. This is down to the fact one has only a certain amount of energy to lend to willpower and self-control, and beyond this unless exercising is wired to become habitual it is easy to become unmotivated.

Start gradually

This can be as simple as taking a walk which helps to bolster your metabolism, which in parts helps in weight loss, then over time build it up towards high intensity interval training

Learn to listen to your body

In the sense that you do not start too intense and over-zealous and end up with an injury which would significantly slow if not stop all together the plan that had earlier been formulated towards losing weight.

Create a support system

Entailing a supporting environment and friends or colleagues with similar goals, this is because time and time again it has been proven that finding motivation is easier in a group than an individual and the people around you can always rally to ensure even when disgruntled spirits are lifted and one is able to follow up on an exercising regime already in place.

Change in Diet

Eating health much in the same as exercising shouldn’t be a temporary/ short term thing and in realizing this can one start making meaningful changes in watching what they eat and in thus long-term changes i.e. weight loss noted.

One of the biggest mistakes most people do is deciding to take up super low-calorie diets which can actually achieved the opposite of the desired effect because super low calorie diets can result in a constant feeling of fatigue and a result reduced metabolism so in essence making it virtually impossible to lose weight and in some instances it has been noted to actually result in weight lose which can result in lots of frustrations.

A more ideal diet would be to do whole grains, lean proteins and vegetables with plenty of water to ensure proper hydration at all times. In this diet especially proteins are important to not, is the fact that calories in liquid form should be totally cut out with only water (about 40mls per kg) to be taken for hydration.



Losing weight has never been an easy streak. However, it is achievable. This means that with the right determination and motivation you will achieve your weight goal. You need to make sure that you are as consistent as possible if you want to achieve a positive weight outcome.



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Are You Dedicated for Losing Weight?

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