Be Prepared For Hot Sunny Days With Sleeper Summer Clothing

Stay Cool During the Hot Season with Sleeper Summer Clothing : Picking an outfit is a hard task during summer. You need something breathable, something stylish, and yet comfortable. There’s no time for worrying about getting too sweaty while running your daily errands, is there?

However, usually, it’s not so easy to find clothes that will cover all of the above checkpoints. That’s why it’s so refreshing to come around brands like Sleeper. This Ukrainian label during its eight years of existence has managed to derive a formula for perfect clothing.

Since the first launch of black and white casual pajama suits in 2014, Sleeper has created several collections that changed the perception of style and fashion. They include:

  • Bridal collection
  • Unisex pajamas line
  • Party collection

However, there are a lot more styles in the brand’s arsenal. And the thing is that Sleeper never stops. Having started as a brand of pajamas that can be worn at home, as well as in the office and parties, it has now expanded to creating swimwear, dresses, jumpsuits, homeware, and even shoes. They are now launching a summer clothing line that will also keep the growth of interest for the brand. The Summer Market capsule is dedicated to fun, comfort, and chic. No matter what you are usually up to on your summer days – a quick workout, a picnic, or maybe a refreshing swim – Sleeper will get you looking like the style icon you are. And even if you are the biggest fan of the brand, you will be surprised by the Sleeper summer clothing we are about to describe.

Jumpsuits, pajama sets, and swimwear – all in one place

Sleeper has always been on top of the world when it comes to creative fashion decisions. It was never afraid to play with the patterns and textures, to add new styles and materials into its collections. And that’s why all the pajamas and dresses by Sleeper look so fresh and are accepted with an extra warmth to the fashion scene. And they decided to keep up with this tendency in their new Summer Market line too.

Let’s just take a quick look at what Sleeper is going to amaze us with this time. First of all, Sleeper has introduced a completely new design – the Baccara jumpsuit. Wide flared legs, crossover straps, and a fun sunflower print – what else is needed for a casual summer look? Like most other styles in this line, this one is made of high-quality linen, which will give you a chance to stay cool on extra sunny days. However, if you are not into flowery details, you can also choose a mint, blue Vichy, or lavender linen jumpsuit to brighten up your summer closet.

And if you were looking for something even more playful, a Rumba linen lounge suit will catch your eye. Relaxed, yet groovy, leisure set with a tie-front top and ruffle-trimmed pants will be a perfect choice for a sunset summer party or a quick city stroll. There are also options for shorts-lovers: a regular lounge suit with ruffles shorts and a button-up short or an Atlanta design. The last one deserves extra attention, as it successfully took the elegance of the Sleeper Atlanta dress and combined it with the usual versatility of the brand making the whole set look delicate and funky at the same time.

Take Sleeper out for a swim!

If you were wondering whether or not you will see any swimwear in this collection, then here’s an answer for you – an Ariel black swimsuit with ruffles! This design is not only a great summer swimwear collection item but also a good addition to the whole Sleeper Athleisure portfolio. A classic squared neckline and a usual swimsuit cut, it also features cute ruffled details, making it look fun and chic at the same time. Made from recycled materials, this swimsuit is not only good for the planet, but it’s also an extremely comfortable piece of clothing for active summer rest days.

Another fun piece is an Opera bikini set, which comes with either briefs or knee-length leggings. The design was inspired by the dress of the same name. The set features a cropped square-neck top with ruffled handcuffs which can make an excellent addition even to your day-to-day summer wardrobe. That’s what we call a perfect combination of elegance and comfort. So, either you choose a black swimsuit with ruffles or a blue Vichy Opera bikini set, you will get a high-quality addition to your wardrobe.

Dresses by Sleeper: appreciate tenderness and femininity

Sleeper dresses were always a topic for admiration. Starting with their bridal options, and ending with the design variety of Summer Market. They have added their beloved button-up loungewear dress in numerous colors, as well as some new stylings. For example, you can see that Sleeper decided to play around with the length a little bit, creating a Briggite maxi dress that can be worn belted or relaxed depending on your mood of the day.

Yet another great addition to the arsenal of dresses by Sleeper is a Picnic linen design. A breezy figure, a romantic heart-shaped neckline, puffed shoulders and fun pockets make it a perfect outfit for a summer day-out. If you are looking for the same vibe, but a different form, a Belle linen dress should catch your attention. Featuring a stretch bodice and playful lantern shoulders the dress will highlight your elegant and free summer spirit. And of course, we couldn’t forget to mention an Atlanta design. It’s the best-selling Sleeper dress, that works for any occasion – a casual rendezvous with friends or somebody’s birthday party. Generally, any of the dresses will be a perfect choice for a hot summer. They are breathable, unique, and will only underline your natural effortless beauty.

Sleeper: a bop or a flop?

You can look through as many modern fashion brands as you want, but we guarantee you won’t find anything like Sleeper. Of course, it’s a bop! Let us tell you why, exactly. And this comes to all of their clothes, and the summer line as well. Let’s talk about uniqueness first. Because you won’t be able to find anything like a lavender linen jumpsuit or a feathery pajama suit somewhere outside the brand. Sleeper started its career by introducing unique thoughts and views on modern style, and they still keep up with those ideas even after such a long working path.

Secondly, the versatility of the brand also drives admiration. And we are not talking about the number of different styles or the number of clothing items – we have figured that out already. However, Sleeper helps its customers to introduce versatility into their daily lives. You can buy an Opera bikini set and wear the top half with your summer jeans, skirts, or shorts, and no one will even question your sense of style. Their classic and chic pajama sets can be easily incorporated into your day-to-day outfits, as well as be worn for numerous special occasions.

This Ukrainian brand also encourages its customers to express themselves through their style, as well as experiment with it. Not only that, but Sleeper also makes fashion looks come as easy and comfortable. Everyone can be stylish, even if they don’t want to put extra effort into it. Generally, purchasing something from this brand can be perceived as an investment and not only to your closet but also to your sense of self-love and care.




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Be Prepared For Hot Sunny Days With Sleeper Summer Clothing

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